Teri Meri Doriyaann 8th Jan 2023 Written Episode update


Sahiba’s talent is questioned in Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th January 2023

Sahiba goes on creating her artwork in Brar House as Angad watches a report about the cancellation of the party. He contacts the channel owner and requests for the number of the one who provided him with said news. The owner refuses to offer any details, yet Angad insists that even though it was cancelled, his channel will be held responsible for sharing false information. Finally, the owner acquiesces and gives him the number. Angad then promises him to let everyone know that more celebrities shall be appearing at Brar’s gala than those at a similar event held in the sky.

Angad asked Jaspal to contact Prabjot Aunty and confirm her departure from the gurdwara with the priests. After video calling Prabjot, it was revealed that she had already left with her husband Hansraj and the other priests. Angad then proceeded to verify if Sahiba finished her art. Upon arriving at her place, he demanded that she complete it in thirty minutes. She tried to remove a chandelier and ended up dropping it, making him furious. Sahiba retaliated by pointing out that she was attempting to move it for artistic reasons and that the dirt Angad was referring to was clay. At that point, Kiara arrived and asked Sahiba if she should show respect or finish her work first. Sahiba reminded Kiara about entering the prayer room with sandals and requested them both to not waste any more time so she could complete her project.

Akal summons his family and servants, inquiring who had divulged news to the media. The servants declare it’s a sin to betray their leader and offer up their mobile phones. Jasleen suggests that even the family’s phones should be examined. Akal asserts he won’t let anyone off the hook and will punish the guilty party. As usual, Jasleen points the finger at Angad, but Javjot silences her. Sahiba is busy finishing her artwork when the Brar family arrives. Javjot is unimpressed by the art. Akal apologizes for not getting her the gift she desired. Angad then berates Sahiba harshly for over-promoting her work and then failing to live up to it; the rest of the family joins him in lambasting Sahiba. With a press of a button, she lights up her work with an Om symbol and fills the room with its luminescence.

Her mother used to light each corner of her Multan house with the artwork when Javjot lived in Multan. Angad bought this talent, Barfeer says, Jasleen says it’s Angad’s good luck. Sahiba says mothers are the real artists, whether it’s Multan or Malerkot. Everyone praises Sahiba. Drama continues.

Precap: Guest praises decoration. Barfeer says it’s Angad’s magic. Akal says it’s Sahiba’s magic. Angad and Sahiba argue.

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