Pandya Store 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Natasha wakes up and complains about mosquitoes. Shweta says I’ve killed the mosquitoes, sleep now. She leaves. Krish and Prerna also leave. Shiva says we should go. Gautam says yes, come. Shiva asks what Raavi is doing here. Gautam asks the same question. Shiva says guests have arrived. Raavi says you won’t go for my sake, stay back. Shiva asks what are you doing, Gautam is here. Gautam says I’ll shut this door and leave.

Raavi says no, Dhara asked us not to come home, don’t tell Gautam. Shiva asks what happened. Raavi says stores are being robbed these days. He asks what. Shweta sings and gets rose petals. Dhara says that nothing was prepared for my wedding night, so I sent kesar milk and paan with Krish and kept the sugar low. She leaves. Rishita says she’s disgusting, she can do anything for money. Dhara says she can do something as long as she stays awake.

It looks like someone’s wedding night in the decorated room. Shiva asks Raavi what it is. She says it’s our wedding night. She hugs him. He asks her to leave him. She says to feel this moment. They smile. They romance. Menu jogi hona…plays. Prerna says you won’t share the room with her. Dhara says don’t worry, I’ve added the medicine to her food, she’ll sleep. Dhara says Prerna, Krish is safe, you may sleep here. Gautam says sorry.

She says you and Krish will sleep on the floor, and Prerna and I will sleep on the bed. She will not let you go to Canada. Prerna hugs her. They hear the kids coming. Dhara hides Prerna. Chiku and Shesh come. Shesh asks what’s inside that. I have back pain, so I have extra cushions for my back, stop there, don’t look, go and sleep in Dev’s room, Mittu is there. Chiku says Dev, Krish, and Shiva used to sleep in the courtyard, can we also sleep there?

Then she recalls Dev, Krish and Shiva. She cries. She says yes, I will make bedding there, you three brothers can sleep together. She leaves. Krish asks Prerna if she is okay. It is Shweta’s wedding night with Krish today, so he cannot divorce me. She asks Krish to come. Krish sees the decorated room and she gives him a rose.

After eating the paan and drinking the milk, she gets close to him. After ten minutes, she says leave all these talks and I will change your no into yes. She dances with him. Zara zara touches her…plays with her…He gets away. She doesn’t let him go and shuts the door. He asks why she shut it. She sings Koi nai hai kamre mein… She gets over him and smiles. Krish dreams of this and shouts stay away. Gautam wakes up and says you get away. Dhara and Prerna worry.

In the dream, Krish says it was a scary dream. Gautam says he scared me. Krish comes to Shweta and thinks she’s still awake. She asks him to come in. She gets dizzy. She asks where are the milk and paan. You came empty-handed, leave it. He checks her. He says Dhara’s plan worked. He leaves. Chiku and Shesh wake up. They talk about scaring Natasha as a ghost. Mittu and Shweta wake up.

Krish, where did you go? She says did he come or not, I don’t remember, my head is getting heavy. She goes out. Rishita says I will go to Chutki, Shweta has gone to trouble Krish. Dev says I’m going through the same thing, I’m sure she will be okay. If you go and Chutki shouts, Chutki is still scared of you. Shweta comes into Dhara’s room and sees Krish sleeping with Gautam.


The doctor tells Shweta Natasha could die if the kidney transplant does not take place within a week. Shweta argues with the doctor.

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