Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 15th March 2024 Written Episode: Naren’s Emotional Turmoil Unveiled

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

When Vishaka requests Naren to speak with Nandu, she hands Nandini the phone but hesitates to take it. Vishaka forces her to pick up, and when Naren asks for her name, Nandini immediately starts crying. Naren is also worried since he knows she will listen but doesn’t want to talk. Then Vishaka comes to her and asks Naren why it is so difficult for him to convince his own father when he can convince the strange parents whom he has never met.

As Naren thanks Vishaka for making him hear the voice he was anxious to hear, he says he tried so hard to convince his father. Still, he cannot convince his heart to marry anyone else, so Naren tells Vishaka that it will only be with her if he gets married. Nandini hugs Vishaka as Naren ends the call and is very emotional when hearing this.

Hemraj hands Anousya Baa the pan at night before helping her accompany him. He notes that Naren should not be delayed much longer. She questions why he hasn’t spoken to Sujan yet, to which Hemraj replies that Sujan is very angry but has assured them he won’t cause trouble. Virel remarks that it’s unfair to pressure Naren into marrying someone he doesn’t like. Anousya Baa curses Dhawal, but he defends himself by saying he supports her, and Virel suggests it. Baa adds that Virel always seems asleep when they need help with anything.

When Naren enters the room to inform Hemraj that he needs his passport, Chanchal asks why, and Naren explains that he needs the passport because he needs to finalize some deals with his clients and might even have to go abroad. Hemraj says she can give it to him, so Chanchal takes out all the passports and asks Naren to take the one belonging to him.

Hemraj thinks Naren would not be able to find the passport when Naren says he has got it. Hemraj wonders how he got the passport. Anousya Baa says she wants to rest, and Chanchal should massage her feet, Dhawal asks Virel how he talked like this in front of Hemraj when Virel says he was sleepy. Hence, they both try to leave, but Hemraj asks Dhawal and Virel to gather everyone outside the room, asking Chanchal to stay outside with everyone.

Hemraj informs that Naren plans to relocate to America for work, but Chanchal disagrees and stands up to intervene. However, Hemraj responds disapprovingly to the interruption and turns to Dhawal, questioning why he seems surprised when he was present during the previous meeting with the individual. He then asks Ronak for the name of the person, which he reveals as Vijay. Hemraj elaborates that he has uncovered Naren’s true intentions, leading him to hide his passport under the bed.

Chanchal expresses confusion about how the passport ended up back in the safe. Hemraj explains that Dhawal claims to have returned it but then denies it. When Jigar is blamed, he denies involvement as well. Hemraj states that he doesn’t want to accuse anyone but gives them one chance to come clean about their actions in the morning. He instructs them to stay in their rooms for the night and contemplate confessing to their misdeed, as he is unsure of how he will handle the true culprit once identified. He reminds everyone that only one person can identify the diamond and the culprit and directs everyone to return to their rooms.

Vishaka updates Nandini about taking the dish to her in-laws’ house and reminds her of their conversation about embracing a lighter mindset while cooking. She mentions that she had mentioned Naren’s name to uplift Nandini’s mood without realizing it could cause any harm. Vishaka also remarks that Naren still loves the dish Nandini made for him on that day and adds that he will be her husband. Curiously, Nandini questions if Vishaka still holds the same belief, to which Vishaka confidently states that those who are destined to be together can never be separated.

At night, Chanchal expresses frustration that Hemraj did not tell her the truth earlier, as she could have prevented it. Hemraj explains that he wanted to spare her any inconvenience, but his son is crucial to their business. Despite Chanchal’s disappointment at their son’s departure and focus on the business, Hemraj insists there is only one solution. He reminds her that their ancestors passed down family traditions, which he cannot break. Chanchal counters that they cannot continue to sacrifice their well-being for outdated customs, but Hemraj stands firm that his carefully groomed successor cannot be lost in this way.

Dhawal is with his son Jigar, who asks what they can do now since they just got the chance tonight to confess. He explains that they shouldn’t worry about anything except his mother, as she is their greatest enemy. Hemraj angrily stares at them before leaving, so Dhawal says that Jigar should make this face and leave everything to him, but he turns when he is shocked to see him angrily staring at them.

Despite what Chanchal has done for Naren, she says his sacrifices will be wasted if he goes to America. Hemraj says he doesn’t want Naren to leave him and that his ideologies can’t be like him, but Naren doesn’t care even for his sacrifices and love, so he should go if that is the case. As Hemraj has his own business, Chanchal says he might not feel bad

Naren holds the utmost importance for her and she has not allowed him to leave her side. However, how would she cope without him if he were to depart today? Hemraj attempts to explain, but Chanchal expresses concerns about his happiness in a potential marriage with Kirti and questions the use of wealth if their son is not content. She implores Hemraj to reconsider his behavior, reminding him he still has his business to rely on while she only has her son. Moreover, she warns that if Naren were to depart, she would follow suit. Despite Hemraj’s efforts to reason with Chanchal, she leaves in a fit of anger, causing him to become anxious.

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