Agnisakshi 26th January 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 26th January 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Pallavi explaining to Pradeep that Aai is in tears because she is a mother. Curious, Pradeep asks how the accident occurred. Pallavi assures him that she was present and acted quickly by bringing Aai to the hospital. He questions if she managed it alone, to which she clarifies that the public also assisted them. Surprised, he asks about the role of strangers in this situation. Pallavi confirms that someone summoned a private taxi and got them safely to the hospital. He mentions the ongoing taxi strike and Pallavi clarifies that it was a private ride. She points out that Pradeep and his family would have been at peace if her accident had actually happened. Overcome with guilt, Pradeep blames himself for allowing Jeevika to attend the interview.

Satvik tells Bhabhi he will bring the best doctors for Papa. Bhabhi says Papa wants happiness. He says Udkarsh Dada taught him business, but he couldn’t teach him how to keep Papa happy. Bhabhi says you are with Papa, not Udkarsh. Satvik says he is a big failure and is unable to win his trust and love. He says he can’t give him happiness and life. Didi will surely search for Satvik, and Pallavi hears this.

Bhabhi explains to Satvik that Papa’s source of happiness and hopes stems from you. He has plans to expand the business internationally. She emphasizes that Papa’s main focus is on the growth of the family, not just the business. You had previously mentioned that Savitri Nivas is Maa’s house and everyone’s dreams should be respected there. Aai informs Baba that Jeevika is being unfairly punished, but they don’t know why. Pradeep asks if there’s something being concealed. Just then, Swara arrives with news that all the bills are paid and Pallavi is well-informed about everything. Bhabhi remarks that not everyone gets an opportunity like you do.

Satvik is determined not to pass up this opportunity, knowing how much his father values this family. He will make sure to fulfill all of his father’s wishes, even if it means sacrificing his own marriage. Pradeep inquires about the bill, and Aai confesses she does not know. Pradeep decides to ask at the reception. Suddenly, a nurse appears and announces that Satvik’s sister has regained consciousness. Pallavi approaches Bhabhi and shares her understanding that they are on the lookout for a bride for Satvik. Bhabhi explains that she must leave now that their father is awake. Pallavi expresses concern over what Bhabhi will say to him, reminding her of the promises made to both their father and herself.

She says you will arrange for my daughter Jeevika to marry your son Satvik. Jeevika notices Aai’s worried expression and asks her the reason. Swara remarks that Aai looks like a statue. Jeevika jokes about tickling her, but then suddenly feels a sharp pain in her stomach. Pallavi reminds everyone of their promise. She asserts that the names “Satvik and Jeevika” will appear as the top choice on the wedding invitation. However, Bhabhi clarifies that while they will indeed get married, they will not be marrying each other. She points out that their incompatible standards and social status would be like a disastrous accident waiting to happen. Bhabhi hands over a credit card to Pallavi for further arrangements.

As Palavi refuses to accept it, she explains that Jeevika wants love and family that doesn’t taunt her when she does not have children. She says I want her to have respect that you have. Bhabhi says she earned this. Jeevika says she is feeling much pain inside. Bhabhi says that this relationship cannot work. Vahini threatens her with taking the Police name and gives her 24 hours to decide. She tells her to make arrangements for marriage, or else she will come with police.

Aadhya tells Narayan that her breath was stuck till he gained consciousness. He says he will not remain here any longer. Shlok says he should rest. Narayan says they have to arrange Satvik’s marriage. Pallavi prays to Bappa to make Jeevika Jeevika Bhosle. According to her, they collided, she got saved but couldn’t become a mother. She thinks her life will change, and she thinks rich families will enter and Jeevika will be left behind. She says she can ask Madam ji for money whenever she wishes.

Swara says she will notify either the doctor or nurse. Aai advises against it, reminding her of the doctor’s warning that there may be discomfort from the accident. She agrees with Pallavi and decides to keep this information secret for Jeevika’s well-being. She cannot bear to see her lose her strength. Narayan expresses his hopes for a new addition to their family within a year and questions why Satvik is crying. Bhabhi assures him they are happy tears. Narayan then tasks her with finding a suitable bride for Satvik and she promises to search tirelessly, adding that she has her eye on Jeevika Rane as a potential match.


Jeevika shall know that Satvik will be marrying her for some months or years. Bhabhi asks why any girl would marry.

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