Shiv Shakti (Zee) 6th July 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 6th July 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Keertan tells Mandira to play doctor doctor, she needs to do something, and he leaves. Padma tells Mandira that this girl insulted you so much. Mandira says he won’t spare her. I’ll insult her in front of Banaras, and once that boy dies, I won’t spare her either. God even fears me.

Shakti is praying in the mandir and says that doctor was cruel for telling me about that treatment and then not doing it. Shiv comes there as a doctor to see Shakti praying in the mandir, but she has her back to him. Someone comes to talk to Shiv, causing him to turn away before Shakti has the chance to see his face. Rimjhim takes Shakti from there. I suspect he was a fake, but please don’t let that boy pay anything.

Mandira approaches Padma and suggests that the blame for the boy’s death should be placed on the girl. Shortly after, the doctor exits the operating room and informs the mother that her son is no longer in danger. Shakti soon arrives at the scene as well. The arrival of media prompts discussions about a viral video. The doctor reiterates that the boy is now safe and expresses gratitude towards his colleague who performed an emergency procedure to save him. Shakti is overjoyed upon hearing this news. The media inquires about the identity of this doctor, prompting Mandira to push Dr. Keertan forward and declare him to be the hero who will go to great lengths to save his patients.

Shakti’s mother attempts to utter Shakti’s name, but Mandira intervenes and reassures her. She tells the woman not to fret about her son as they will cover all expenses, but asks her to refrain from speaking. The woman nods in agreement and remains silent. Mandira smirks in satisfaction. Meanwhile, Dr. Keertan continues to receive praise from the media for his actions, claiming it is his duty as a doctor to save lives. Padma leans in and whispers to Mandira that she has transformed her son into a hero. Mandira shoots Padma a sharp glare and firmly declares that her son is indeed a hero. Rimjhim interrupts their exchange by informing Shakti that she plans to expose them and reveal the truth about how he saved the boy’s life. However, Shakti dismisses her concerns and hastily pulls her away from the scene. Mandira thinks to herself that she will not let Rimjhim get away with this scheme.

Rimjhim and Shakti are about to leave when Keertan stops them. He says Shakti, you don’t like me. I didn’t have a good impression of you. Rimjhim says you couldn’t save the kid and now you’re eating up her credit? I won’t spare you. Keertan tries to save his number in Shakti’s phone but she snatches it away and says that you are neither a doctor nor a man. She goes from there. Keertan says, what a girl, someone gave me a challenge for the first time, I love her.

Shakti emerged from the kid’s room and caught sight of someone playing with him. A smile spread across her face as she recognized it was the doctor. “Looks like he’s having just as much fun as the kid,” she thought to herself. As Shakti made a move to enter the room, Chachi pulled her back and reminded her to leave. “Thank goodness that kid is okay,” Chachi whispered, gesturing towards the closed door. Chacha chimed in, grateful for Shakti’s rescue efforts. “We shouldn’t take credit for this,” Chachi interjected, glancing at Rimjhim who had also joined the conversation. Suddenly, Shakti spoke up, expressing her desire to see the child once more before they left. “It’s probably best if we go before Mandira finds us together,” she added hastily, sensing Chachi’s apprehension. With a nod of agreement, Chachi scurried away, followed by Chacha who gave Shakti his blessings before leaving too. Meanwhile, Shiv made a quick exit from the kid’s room to avoid crossing paths with Shakti once more.

She enters the child’s room and inquires about the doctor’s whereabouts. The child responds with a shrug. Presently, the mother joins them and expresses her gratitude, “Thank you for saving my child.” Shakti humbly replies, “No need to apologize, I was simply granted the strength by God.” The mother is determined, “I want to become a doctor like you one day.” Meanwhile, Shiv observes their conversation from outside the room. The mother then declares lovingly, “To us, you are already a real doctor.” The child urges Shakti to wear a coat. Without realizing it belongs to Shiv, she puts it on proudly. Upon noticing this exchange, Shiv smiles and happily acknowledges that she deserves it today. With delight on her face, Shakti puts on the coat as the child hands her a notebook before she bids goodbye. Just as she leaves the room, Mandira shows up and blames Shakti for putting her son’s life at risk, stating that he deserves all credit for saving the boy. She threatens to have her sent to jail but luckily does not catch her with Chacha (uncle). Seeking divine intervention for avoiding trouble this time around, Shakti confesses

Mandira smirks and questions if one could dream of becoming a doctor without the means to do so. She advises against aiming for unreachable goals and inquires about the ownership of the coat, noticing Shiv’s name on it. In front of a gathering crowd, Mandira accuses the individual wearing Shiv’s coat of being a thief. She raises her voice, emphasizing the significance of Dr. Shiv as India’s top neurosurgeon and belittles the person in question for daring to wear his coat. With a push, she snatches away the coat and declares that their dream of becoming a doctor will remain just that – a dream – with her as a trustee ensuring it stays that way. Shakti is deeply hurt by these words as Shiv appears with a smile on his face.

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