Anupama 21st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Embarks on a Journey to America

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Anupama 21st December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Looking outside, Anupama closes the window and keeps her hand on her ears. Her mother’s words echo in her ears as Vanraj, Toshu, and Baa’s words echo in her ears. Hearing Choti’s, Malti Devi’s, and Anuj’s words torment her. She keeps her head on the photo frame of her mother and imagines her mother right behind her. She hugs her and asks why you left me. She is told to live her life so she can get away from her loved ones and that life is giving you a third chance.

Anupama was hesitant about going to America for the second time, and her mother encouraged her to keep trying. “I may be dead, but you are not,” she reminded Anupama. Anupama assured her that she was fine, but her mother suggested that instead of isolating herself at home, she should go to America. “It’s always been my dream to see you succeed in America,” her mother told her. “I want to see you thriving and achieving your goals there.” Anupama glanced at her passport and ticket before looking at herself on a plate. She realized she needed to start over and make the journey for Devika, her mother, and herself. “It may be scary after taking a break for five years, but I must do this,” she thought determinedly.

She looks at the family photo frame and packs her bags. Suddenly, Choti’s voice breaks through, calling out to her as “Mummy.” She awakens with a jolt, filled with fear, as she replays the previous night’s disturbing events in her mind. Despite this, she struggles to find sleep once again. The following morning, she bravely opens the door and glances outside. As people passing by turn to look at her, she hesitates before taking a step forward. Recalling that every journey begins with a single step, she gathers her courage and recites Kanha ji’s name before setting off. She reflects on how much this house has sheltered her for 5 years, but now it’s time to move on. With a heavy heart, she locks the door behind her. Just then, a boy approaches.

She says she doesn’t want this stuff now because she was waiting for you. He asks if you’re Joshi Ben. Her smile spreads across her face. She instructs him to water Tulsi plants and gives keys to Jain bhai. He gives him candy. He asks if you’re going somewhere and says bye, Joshi Ben. She says she’s taking on a new identity.

Anupama calls Devika and informs her that she has a new number as she is heading to America. Delighted, Devika questions why she didn’t notify her earlier, expressing regret for not being able to see her off. Anupama playfully asks if she plans to scold her before bidding farewell. To which Devika jokes that it’s impossible to do so through the phone and proceeds to give her some words of encouragement. Anupama admits feeling nervous about the move, but Devika assures her that there will also be moments of hope. Grateful for her constant support, Anupama thanks Devika for always being there for her. In a reminiscing tone, Devika recalls how Anupama’s world used to revolve around their house’s lawn, but now it will expand to the whole world. She reminds Anupama to shoot a message upon arriving and share her new contact details.

After saying I will leave, Anupama ends the call by saying Namaste America. She boards the plane and remembers leaving last time for Choti. She also remembers Choti’s and Anuj’s accusations against her. She drinks water. Anupama sits beside a lady. She says she will see her grandchild and that her son would have booked a business class ticket, but his bahu must have stopped him. She introduces herself as Jaswinder Kaur/Jassi and asks about her and her children.

The air hostess checks the belt and says it is faulty so that we will upgrade your flight to business class. Anupama stays silent. She tries to lock the seat belt and asks for assistance from the air hostess. She says no problem, we will meet in America. Jassi says you will go. As the plane prepares to take off, Anupama wishes her the best and sits in the business class seat.

The man beside her recognizes and greets her as Jai Shrikrishna Anupama Ji. She responds with Jai Shrikrishna Goenka Ji. He inquires if this is her first time flying. Anupama explained that she had been unable to go the previous time. He assures her that she will still soar once they reach their destination. As the flight takes off, Mr. Goenka notices Joshi Ben’s recipe and compliments Anupama’s culinary skills. He also spots the bracelet and rings on Anupama’s hand but doesn’t mention that it is Joshi Ben’s. Finally arriving in America, Anupama looks out the window and exclaims that they have made it to America.


A lady tells Anupama that the restaurant is closed by law. Anupama is shocked to see the notice when she comes out of the airport and says Namaste America.

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