Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Slaps Durva Amid Navrati Celebrations!


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ishan blasts loud music as Savi tries to take a test. She questions how she can focus on the noise, to which Ishan replies that she can’t expect a wedding procession to stop for her UPSC exam; she must be ready for any circumstance. He sets a 3-minute timer, and Savi resumes her test. Shukla brings his mother to see the college and hears the music from Ishan’s room, wondering when he developed such a taste. Savi completes the test and hands it to Ishan, who appears disappointed. She inquires about her score.

Ishan says 80. Savi gets happy. Ishan says she cannot be content with a small victory and needs to improve herself because she competes with the toppers, etc. Savi said that she understood that she must focus on her studies without celebrating festivals. As the college’s cultural secretary, Ishan thinks she must fulfill her responsibilities and prepare herself for multiple tasks. Savi nods yes and leaves. Ishan thinks she is brilliant and will pass the UPSC exam.

Savi calls Isha to check on her and the recent events. She asks about Isha’s safe arrival in Ramtek, the state of her house, and if Mandar and his son continue to cause trouble. Isha confirms that she arrived safely, her home is secure, and Mandar and his son have disappeared due to financial struggles. Savi expresses her relief and reveals that Isha has taken up Ishan as a mentor for her civil service exam preparation. This news touches Isha emotionally as she asks for confirmation about Ishan’s help. Savi affirms it, stating that Ishan is a great teacher and a reliable mentor. She mentions how he promised to support Isha in achieving her dream. Overjoyed, Isha expresses her happiness for Savi’s opportunity.

Savi suggested that Savi’s friends set up women’s entrepreneur shops in the pandal to celebrate Navratri. Shukla’s mother sets up her shoe and clothes stall. Savi gives them more suggestions and promises to make the event rock. Her mother touches Savi’s feet and thanks her for helping him collect money for his mother’s treatment. Shukla introduces her mother to Savi and informs her that Savi has helped him collect money for his mother’s treatment. She stops and asks him not to make her a sinner because elders should not touch the feet of young children.

Savi interacts with them and leaves to check other arrangements. Durva and her team walk in and get jealous, looking at the arrangements. Durva decides to ruin the arrangement and take revenge on Savi. At Shukla’s mother’s shop, she asks her to see some shoes. She sees them. Durva asks Shukla’s mother to fix the shoe after she has had her manicure done. Shukla’s mother does. Sara asks Shukla’s mother about her boots too.

Sara pushes Shukla’s mother away, yelling that she pricked her nails in her foot. Durva also starts misbehaving and pushes Shukla’s mother out of the stall. Savi enters and holds Shukla’s mother. Sara tongue-lashes Savi for allowing poor stalls to set up and making cheap arrangements. She humiliates Savi by trapping men acting innocently for her benefit, such as Shantanu for admission, Ishan for mentorship, and someone else for her daily expenses.

Savi’s friend encourages her to let the situation go, as Durva is known for causing a scene. Savi confidently decides to reply and confront Durva. In response, Durva makes derogatory remarks towards girls like Savi. Without hesitation, Savi slaps her. Ishan, who happens to pass by, becomes upset upon witnessing the incident and confronts Savi for resorting to violence against another student. Trying to defend herself, Durva fabricates a story about just checking out shoes at Shukla’s mother’s stall before being pulled away by Savi, who claimed she needed those shoes. Refusing to believe her, Savi accuses Durva of lying and questions her character. However, Durva retaliates with the same accusation towards Savi. The situation escalates when it is revealed that Durva is related to the school’s owner, and Shukla’s mother fears getting involved. Ishan demands to know what truly happened, and Shukla’s mother chooses not to reveal anything, claiming she was preoccupied with her shop at the time of the incident. As this information sinks in, Savi stands in shock.


Yashwant tells Surekha that Ishan will not agree to marry because of Reeva. Ishan tells Surekha not to worry as he already found a girl and shows Savi’s picture.

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