Pandya Store 5th November 2023 Written Episode: Natasha Struggles to Prove Her Innocence

Pandya Store

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The Episode opens with Amrish putting his foot down and addressing Dhawal. He states that there will be no talk of this to her. Dhawal, trying to prove his loyalty, speaks of his generous heart and support in Amrish’s defence. He shames Amrish for his actions since arriving here and questions how he could have put Golu in grave danger by leaving him amidst live wires. Upon hearing this, Amba is taken aback and joined by a shocked audience. Confirming the incident, Golu confesses that Natasha came to his rescue while sitting in the middle of the wires, and Dhawal followed close behind. However, this act resulted in Natasha sustaining a burn from the wire as Amrish pondered if Natasha saved Golu.

I can’t do this with Golu because my upbringing isn’t like that. Will I use a child? Do you not trust me? Natasha asks everyone to trust her. She says she can’t imagine doing this with Golu, I was with you all day, I was in tension for Golu. Hetal takes Natasha away. She cries and asks what I will do to prove that I am innocent. I did not kidnap Golu. She sits crying. Amba says enough, and you show the proof if you have it.

As Natasha says, “If I had made the plan, I could provide proof. I didn’t do anything, I didn’t lie, I swore on Somnath, I didn’t do anything.”. Amrish says I’ll go, I’ve got a meeting, Hetal, don’t let Golu go anywhere, if he goes anywhere, I’d die.” Hetal asks him not to say that. He leaves and thinks that the kidnapper is still roaming free, but he leaves.

After Chirag and Bhaven leave for work, Natasha sobs and expresses her fear of being unable to prove her innocence. Chiku informs her that her phone is missing. He then turns to Esha and asks if she has regained consciousness, as they must notify her family. However, Esha responds that she has no one to whom she can turn. Chiku insists that someone must be, but Esha reveals she is an orphan. In the meantime, Natasha heads to her room, where she cries while thinking about the situation. In a fit of anger, she attempts to call the person responsible for framing her but realizes they have blocked her number. Chiku consoles her by sharing his experience of being an orphan and reminds her that it’s okay to cry because strong people can also feel weak sometimes. He reassures Esha that she is enough for herself despite no family support.

The doctor comes and gives him the prescription. Chiku says I brought her here for the sake of humanity, treat her well, and take this money for her medicines. He leaves. Golu questions Natasha put me there. Hetal says don’t say this. Dolly says Natasha left angry, and I can’t believe it all. Hetal says I hope everything gets fine. Amba says the ladies would plan to get me out of the house. She asks Chabeli to go with her.

Dolly says Natasha saved Pranali and me and thinks a lot about your wishes. I don’t think she can do it. Hetal says yes, but that girl’s call list includes Natasha’s number, even though we suspect she is being framed. You have seen her being kiddish. Maybe she was trying to make me dance. Amba hears them and says my plan has been successful. Everyone doubts Natasha. She smiles at them.

Natasha comes to the police station. She says you didn’t do right to leave that girl. She’s lying. She’s blocked my number, so call her here. She can’t insult me by lying. An inspector scolds her. She says if anyone sees you here, then Amrish will get insulted, but look, we can’t help you. That girl surrendered to us, and we took you to your house. Amrish has forgiven her, and we’ve closed the case, so get out now.

Chiku thinks of Esha. He comes home. Suman gets the food. Chiku says everyone will eat khichdi; give me some khichdi in tiffin. Suman asks why, are you going to school? He replied that there was a patient in the hospital. She asks who, don’t hide from me, is it Chutki? Natasha is on her way. She runs after the NGO girl. Dhawal thinks about Natasha. He falls down a treadmill and shouts why Natasha? Natasha tries to capture the girl.


Amrish says our house Bahus’ don’t do a job, it’s my last choice. Natasha says you’re getting the Pandya store, and I’ll do a job now for Suman’s sake.

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