Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd November 2023 Written Episode: Savi Faces Challenges on Her Birthday


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Savi inquires over the phone why Harini is still awake. She mentioned that she couldn’t fall asleep and wanted to check how her birthday celebration was going. Savi then raises the rent, asking if it’s causing Harini any stress. Harini reassures her not to worry about it. Savi promises to pay her share of 45000 rs within a week, and then they can celebrate. Harini wonders how Savi will come up with such a large sum. Savi explains that she has taken on a job. This causes Harini to question how she will manage work and her studies, considering Ishan’s dedication towards helping her excel academically. Savi expresses concern about Chidkiya’s potential reaction, but Harini finds it amusing.

Savi’s team is working hard to perfect their cricket skills for the upcoming college cultural festival. However, when her friend becomes anxious after seeing the impressive performance of their opponents, Savi steps in to boost her spirits. Meanwhile, Ishan gathers all the students and inquires about their progress with both sports and academics. He also reminds them that the cultural secretary should prepare a budget for the festival and present it during the student council meeting on Saturday. Realizing that she has work commitments, Savi informs Ishan that she won’t be able to attend the conference. Despite her request, Ishan insists that everyone must be present on Saturday. Savi offers to prepare the budget and have one of her friends present it, but she won’t be able to attend. In response, Ishan expresses his disappointment with Savi’s recent lack of responsibility – skipping classes and arriving late at the hostel. He reminds her that while she may behave however she wants in Ramtek, such behaviour will not be tolerated at Bhosale Institute.

According to Savi, Isha used to organize everything well at Ramtek, and students’ requests were never ignored. Despite trying to calm Savi down, Shantanu walks to her and tries to calm her down. In the conversation with Savi’s friends, they discuss how they can’t do anything without her support and wonder what is unique about her resigning from the cultural secretary position on Saturday. One says it’s her birthday.

After drafting a resignation letter and sending it to Ishan, Savi was outraged with him. In his office, Ishan also expressed anger towards Savi and was taken aback upon receiving her resignation email. Eventually, he accepted it. Savi grew even more incensed when she heard of Ishan’s acceptance. To make matters worse, she received a message from her employer requesting an immediate meeting, causing her to speculate that she would have to deal with an eccentric teacher. She left college, skipping her lectures. Meanwhile, Ishan reached out to Savi’s friends and offered them the role of cultural secretary. However, the friend declined, believing it would be unfair to Savi, who had put tremendous effort into organizing the cultural festival.

Ishan expresses concern over Savi’s sudden resignation, noting that it was unfair to them. He wonders what could have prompted her to act on a Saturday. A friend reveals that it is Savi’s birthday, and she wants to spend the day with Harini. Ishan feels remorseful upon learning this and inquires about any plans for a surprise celebration. His friend responds that they have not made any yet. Ishan later talks to Prateek in the cafeteria and confides in him about how he reacted without knowing why Savi resigned. He asks why he keeps making the same mistake repeatedly and discusses the challenges of forming friendships as adults. Seeking Prateek’s advice, he asks for suggestions on what gift to give Savi. Prateek suggests getting her a lovely dress and asks for her height and weight for sizing purposes.

Upon reaching out to her employer, Savi is questioned about her height and weight. She reveals that she stands at 5 feet 4 inches and weighs around 48-50 kg. Confused, she inquires as to why this information is needed. The employer responds by requesting her to move a large bag to the backyard and dispose of it in a pit. Savi declines, stating that it is not within her job description. However, the employer reminded her of the contract she signed that required her to perform any task during work hours. Reluctantly, Savi complies and struggles with a heavy bag oozing out blood before tossing it into the pit. That night, upon arriving late at her hostel, she finds herself locked out. She decides to climb over a wall and sneak into her room. The watchman hears suspicious noises and investigates, but Savi manages to hide before he finds her. The following day, Ishan indirectly taunts Savi for her irresponsible actions during his lecture.


Ishan tells Shukla and Savi’s friend that Savi has cancelled her resignation, so they will plan a surprise birthday party for her and invite Harini, too. He tells Shukla and friends to make it look like they are the ones organizing the party. Savi overhears their conversation.

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