Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd June 2023 Written Episode Update on

As a matter of life, Sai insists that Vijendra/Viju kaka undergo surgery. Viju says he would rather not discuss it. Sai inquires about the woman for whom he wants to risk his life. Viju asks her to stop her investigation, will she bring her if he tells her name. Sai thinks she wants to confirm if it’s Amba and insists on telling the name.

Viju says her name was Amba and describes how much he used to love her but could not marry her for some reason, and that he doesn’t know if she remembers him or not now, and that she must have moved on. Sai goes to pick up Saavi from school. Virat reaches there and loads the children into his car. He walks up to Sai and tells her not to worry about her kaka.

Virat says they can convince kaka to undergo surgery if they can find a woman Viju kaka loves. Sai says she knows this woman and she knows it is Satya’s mother Amba. Virat asks how she knows this. Amba himself told him about it when Viju visited their house and promised not to tell Satya that Viju is his father, Sai says.

Virat ponders how two deeply in love individuals could endure being apart for three decades. Sai wonders about the hardships Amba must have faced when Viju didn’t come back to her, and expresses admiration for Amba’s resilience in single-handedly raising Satya. The couple then reflects on their own struggles, going without their true love for such a long time and contemplating the sacrifices made by both Amba and Viju. Sai eventually arrives home, where Saavi excitedly embraces Satya upon seeing him. Curious as to why she is late, Saavi explains that Sai and Baba were engrossed in an endless discussion. Frustrated by this, Satya storms off to his room. Meanwhile, Saavi asks Amba about dinner plans and is informed of the variety of dishes prepared, before being encouraged to freshen up first.

Sai follows Satya and asks why he left like that. He forces her to sit and asks her to discuss what she was discussing with Virat with him. He says it’s personal. Satya asks why she can’t discuss it with him, claiming he is no longer a friend. Their argument ensues. Satya walks away. Sai warns him to behave with her as he has no right to question him. Amba enters and confronts Sai for disrespecting Satya.

Sai reveals that she and Virat were discussing Viju kaka’s illness as he has a brain tumor and will die soon if he doesn’t undergo surgery. Hearing that, Amba breaks down. Sai says Viju still loves her immensely and doesn’t want to undergo surgery because he doesn’t want to lose her memory. Amba claims she is lying. She asks Amba to meet with Viju once and persuade him to have the surgery.

After a period of time, Sai believes that Satya has one final opportunity to learn about his baba. She reaches out to Virat and explains that Amba is refusing to accept Viju’s love and does not want to see him. In response, Virat offers reassuring words and assures her that they will convince Amba to meet with Viju. Sai expresses concern for Satya, stating that he won’t receive his baba’s love if he remains unaware of his existence. Comforted by Virat’s words, she is suddenly taken aback when she sees Satya overhearing their discussion.


Despite the fact that they are meant to be together, Ashwini apologizes to Sai for forcing her out of Virat’s life and asks her to stop Virat as he has taken a transfer and is going far away from them. Satya hears their conversation.


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