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Suhaagan 13th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

After Payal and Bindiya have applied nail polish, Madan tells Rekha that he is leaving and asks how she wants to join him. She refuses and asks how he is going to leave. Madan says he got his car fixed. Rekha asks him to take the girls from there. Bindiya wonders where they will go since Payal is injured. Payal says she is fine and can go.

Bhim asks Phoolwati to come out of the bathroom and tells her about Madan’s plan. Phoolwati asks Bhim to stop Madan. Madan comes out with Bindiya and Payal. Bhim tells him that even they want to come to the city with him. Madan says okay, bring Phoolwati.

Bhim brings her, but Madan drives off. Bindiya is worried and asks Madan why he did this. Madan says sisters are allowed to misbehave. Bindiya says she knows why little sisters are mischievous now. Payal teases her. Phoolwati scolds Bhim.

They eat the burger. Madan takes their picture and sends it to Rekha. Madan sees goons and asks them to sit in the car. Phoolwati knows Madan is up to something. Bhim asks her to have apple. Phoolwati declines.

He shows them big school and says if I could I would have taught you both there. Bindiya asks about his house. Madan shows them someone’s house and says it is his.

Madan says he forgot to take Rekha’s keys when they are about to go inside. As they sat in the car, the goon approached and asked if anyone wanted icecream. Payal said yes and got out of the car. Bindiya tries to stop her and tells her that they just had icecream. She says goodbye and sits on the bike with Bansi, the goon.

Getting scared, Madan and Bindiya search for her. In the evening, they find her. Bindiya scolds her politely. Bansi threatens Madan and asks him for money. Madan assures him. Madan tells Bindiya why he was scared. Madan says Bansi rides fast and has been in an accident before, so I was worried.

Payal asks Bindiya to have icecream, but she refuses. Payal thinks she can’t have it now and throws it away. Madan returns home with the girls. Phool wati asks where did you go? Madan says we’re leaving tomorrow. Bindiya asks if he was sad, so he took them to the city to go out.

Amma asks if anyone said anything. Phoolwati asks if they are doing a new drama. Madan says no and says that they came for a few days to change the girls’ sorrows into happiness. He says he has a job and is not jobless like other people. They ask Rekha to tell him to stay with them.

He asks if there are any flaws in me other than this and Bindiya and Payal try to convince him to stay. Phoolwati says he owns a big business and he is not jobless like Phupha ji.

Upon hearing that you are leaving, Phoolwati says she will feel bad, and says she will take care of the girls. Madan replies yes, saying he doesn’t worry about the girls anymore. Rekha goes from there upset. Madan says Rekha is emotionally attached to the girls now. He goes to speak to her. Phoolwati wonders what his plan is.

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