Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th April 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai for 18th April 2023, Written Update on

Manjiri says Akshara is taking Abhir so far. Aarohi says Abhinav and Akshara decided it. Everyone discusses it. Aarohi says Akshara took Abhir’s reports. Mahima says she came to Abhimanyu before and now she wants to go to the US. She doubts us.

Shefali says Akshara might doubt herself, but maybe Abhinav and her family will inspire her. Manjiri says it’s their family matter, we should pray that Abhir doesn’t suffer, he gets well soon, he’ll be so worried, let’s pray for his health. If everyone stops Abhir from going, I also want him to get well. Manish scolds Akshara. We love Abhir, you made us strangers, why are we caring? Suvarna asks him to calm down. He says she is taking Abhir abroad. Suvarna says you took this decision because of Abhimanyu and your tension, or is there any other reason? Surekha taunts him.

Manish and Kairav argue about Akshara. Akshara cries. Abhinav worries about her. Manish says this decision is wrong, you are not listening to a doctor, and Abhir should not travel. She says I have thought a lot and decided this, I don’t want to fight with you. She sits crying. Abhinav says he wants to support Akshara, and that we need your support. He gets down from the car.

As the balloon bursts, he cries and tries to blow it again, saying sorry Junior, I’m sorry that I can’t do anything for you. Why Mahadev, why? Shivansh speaks to Parth on the phone. Shefali takes it from him. She says when you come home, I need to talk about something important, I miss you, I’ll see you soon. She gives me the phone.

Shefali says she will decide because he is also my son, you are ordering me, I will not hide anything, I don’t want him to have trust issues, so I will tell him the truth and attend therapy sessions with him. Manjiri and Aarohi come.

Your parents and I will go to Disneyland with Kairav. Abhir says you have changed a lot and love me. Kairav says you are so lovely. Abhir says the Doc Man won’t let me go, he will get angry and do Tandav. Akshara says the Doc Man has permitted you to go and given you the files.

Abhir thinks he was crying for this. He asks if we should bring Abhir along; he might get sad. She says no one will get sad, we will have a great time at Disneyland. Abhimanyu remembers Abhir and cries. Your shift is over, Rohan says, so go home, I’ll handle everything here, are you concerned about Abhir? It’s his parents’ decision, we can’t do anything about it, you spend time with Roohi, and take a break.

Abhimanyu says you always have a solution, tell me, how do we let Abhir go, we don’t have one. Aarohi looks on. Rohan says there is a solution when parents think emotionally, doctors should think practically, and you should think of the kids who need you, Abhir will get a doctor, and move on. Abhimanyu agrees.

He says Junior is just my patient, I’m just his doctor, and I should forget about this. Rohan says go home. Abhimanyu says Roohi will be waiting for me, and I’m here…. Akshara says we heard from you. In my conversation with Guru ji, I mentioned Abhir, and he asked us to perform a Mahayagya, where Abhir’s mother will sit in the puja and his father will tie a thread to Abhir’s wrist.

Abhinav asks what’s this? Dadi says Surekha thread, you will tie it. It’s a rule that Abhir’s father ties it, otherwise, puja won’t succeed. Abhinav remembers Abhir’s birth. Akshara looks at him. He cries. Dadi says to take it. She gives it to him and leaves. Abhinav thinks.

He says he can’t tie the thread. Akshara says you are Abhir’s dad. She says stop questioning yourself, you are his dad. He says Nand Baba was Kanha’s dad, but it doesn’t mean Vasudev wasn’t his dad. Don’t say this, she says. My fear prevents me from tying the thread, he says nothing is more important for me than Abhir’s life.

Her advice is to get rid of the fear. Nand Baba’s love made Kanha a Kanha, he apologized for his mischief and saved him from trouble. I’m Abhir’s mum and you’re his dad. She goes. He cries and says this didn’t happen in front of Nand Baba.

Muskaan comes and says Abhir is fine, but Abhinav isn’t at home. Akshara recalls his words. Abhinav meets Abhimanyu. Dadi says all the preparations are done. Mum’s place and fear are big, and we can’t understand Akshara, whatever she said, don’t feel bad, she took you far away from Abhir, I’ll bring you close to him.

Suvarna says he will come. Abhinav says Dadi has kept Mahayagya at home, I want you to attend the puja. Abhimanyu says family is important in puja, how can I do this. Abhinav says it’s for Abhir, you are also like a father to him.


Abhimanyu sees Abhir’s birth certificate. He is shocked. He runs to Akshara. Abhir asks why we are going to America. Akshara says you’ll be fine with an angel doctor. He says you shouldn’t keep a child from his dad. She scolds him. You can’t decide it by yourself, he says.

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