Shiv Shakti (Zee) 10th October 2023 Written Episode: Shakti’s Honor Questioned, Wedding Plans in Jeopardy!

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Chacha tells Manorama that my Shakti can’t be wrong. Manorama shouts that Shakti is evil this time around. I had thought she would protect Rimjhim, but she did wrong with her, as she was wearing her haldi and having an affair with Shiv. Shakti says how can I do that? As soon as Shiv wakes up, he will tell you the truth. Manorama says that if I don’t trust my upbringing, how can I trust Shiv’s words? Dadi tells Raghunath that she is presenting their love in a wrong way.

Shiv’s husband says Mandira is being harsh towards him. Dadi stops him and says we can’t force them if we want Shakti’s hand. Chacha tells Manorama that Shiv is innocent. Look at him. Manorama says you believe Shakti can’t be wrong, and Shiv is innocent; therefore, I am wrong? Are you not trusting me? I would have thrown Ranjan out if he had been mistaken, but Shakti is telling the truth. Ranjan smirks. Rimjhim says to listen to Shakti, at least.

Manorama declares that she will no longer allow Shakti to ruin your life. I would have intervened just like you did, Raghunath. We should tell Dadi that we don’t have any objections to Shiv and Shakti’s relationship. However, there may be better times than this, as we must discuss it soon before the children’s reputation is at stake. It could be fate’s doing that this issue has arisen, so we must address their relationship, and hopefully, Chacha and Manorama will also come around. Mandira agrees and suggests talking to them, but what if their love story ends before it begins?

Padma thinks if she agrees, then they shouldn’t talk. Mandira messages Ranjan’s brother and smirks. Raghunath comes to Chacha and Manorama, saying that he just wanted to say that Ranjan’s brother says sorry, but this is our matter, and it’s all because of your son. Raghunath says don’t you dare bring your son into this. As a result of Shiv beating Ranjan and Chacha still trusting him over Ranjan, the marriage won’t happen now.

Shakti has no character in this filthy family, so we don’t know what Rimjhim did. Chacha shouts at him to stop. Dharam says I’ll beat you both. Ranjan attempts to push Chacha, but Dharam shouts don’t touch my father; otherwise, I’ll not spare you. The brother says this is the way they behave. Manorama asks Chacha to apologize and not destroy Rimjhim’s life, and Ranjan says he is right.

Chacha says I think her life will be destroyed if she is married to Ranjan, and I would rather keep Rimjhim in my house than marry into their family. Ranjan’s mother says we should leave, and their daughters will remain unmarried. Raghunath says don’t be mistaken; people will question your family, too. He asks Chacha to calm down and think before making any decisions. Dadi advises Chacha to consider her options carefully. They are questioned by Shakti and Shiv, according to Chacha.

Mandira reminds us of Shakti’s positive character but urges caution in impulsive decisions. Chacha expresses concern about being publicly disrespected and how it may affect his daughter, Rimjhim, after marriage. Mandira is determined to prevent Chacha from calling off the wedding. She subtly hints at Ranjan and gestures towards Shiv. Ranjan assures Chacha they will not proceed with the marriage but insists on revealing the truth about Shakti first. Curious, Chacha asks what truth Ranjan is referring to. Ranjan points to a mark on Shiv’s kurta, which is evidence of Shakti’s wrongdoing. He grabs Shakti’s hand, but she sternly warns him not to touch her.

Manorama explains that before questioning others, one should ask themselves first. Shakti is puzzled when she reveals her mehndi with Shiv’s name written on it. Manorama questions this meaning, and Dadi remembers the incident when she requested it be done. Despite Shakti’s confusion, he denies knowing how this name ended up on his daughter’s hand. Manorama then turns to Chacha, sharing how she was hurt like him due to their daughter’s actions. She adds that despite their efforts to raise her well, they needed help to steer her away from the wrong path. Shakti once again expresses his ignorance about the situation, causing Manorama to point out that his constant attempts to prove Ranjan wrong have proven futile as he was never in the wrong. This realization leaves Chacha unable to face anyone due to the dishonor caused by Shakti’s actions.

Shakti assures Chacha that she is telling the truth and has done nothing wrong. Chacha’s upbringing was not to blame in this situation, and she genuinely does not know why his name appeared on her hand. However, Chacha pushes her away and removes his hat, placing it at Ranjan’s feet. This turn of events saddens everyone. Chacha apologizes to Ranjan and pleads for him not to call off the marriage, admitting that he was mistaken about Shakti’s actions. Shakti continues to plead for trust, but Chacha interrupts with frustration, asking them all to stop. Dadi interjects and requests them to listen, but Chacha respectfully asks everyone to leave and not interfere with the wedding. This shocks Dadi and Raghunath.

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