Shiv Shakti (Zee) 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti Stands Up to Mandira

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Mandira sees Keertan going there and gets concerned. Shaki comes to Gayatri’s house and greets her. She goes to him and takes him from there. He asks what happened. She tells him to be careful. He says Rimjhim keeps calling me, and she’s troublesome. Shakti arrives and says if you try to hurt my sister, I won’t spare you. Keertan leaves. Mandira asks him to go.

Is it true that you threatened my son? Shakti says I will not spare him if he hurts my sister. Mandira says to tell your sister to stop wandering around, my son. Shakti says she’ll kick him away once she finds out he’s a loser. The boy is your son, so he must possess your cheap talents. Mandira says I won’t spare you. Shakti says I will expose you on Diwali. She leaves from there. She was very confident, but what is she doing now?

She is talking to Shiv, but he is in a bad mood. Dadi says you are still angry. He thinks I shouldn’t care about her classes. Dadi says because you feel something for her. Shiv is surprised to see Shakti entering the room and saying I am here. It would be best to ignore her when she comes before you, and she overthinks of herself. Dadi whispers to him to forgive her. Shiv refuses.

According to Shakti, he came to collect ubtan from Dadi and apologized to you. However, Dadi advises against forgiving him, as she believes he may manipulate you to ease his anger. Despite this warning, Shiv remains upset. Dadi then instructs Shakti to accompany her while Shiv watches on. As they sadly gaze at each other, Sun Saathiya plays in the background. Realizing their tension, Dadi smiles and approaches Shiv, teasing him for staring at Shakti. In response, Shiv claims his neck is sore. Amused by his excuse, Dadi remarks that he must suffer from “premistis”. Puzzled by this term, Shiv is left confused as Dadi leads Shakti away.

Shakti asks Dadi if Shiv won’t apply ubtan? Dadi says he will, and he follows all the rituals. I was just playing reverse psychology with him. Shakti asks how can I calm him down? Dadi says I have a plan but won’t let you know. Mandira sees them and says their cuteness makes me want to puke. Shakti challenged me, so I must have something planned.

He tells Manorama to take her proposal to Keertan’s house. Keertan’s family has helped us a lot. Did you forget how he and his sister insulted me? Rimjhim says you hit them, too. Keertan’s family has helped us a lot. Manorama says this does not mean they want a relationship with us. Rimjhim says I will take my proposal then. She runs away. Chacha tells her he’s a good guy, so what’s wrong? Manorama thinks I cannot trust this, Keertan.

She asks Dadi where Shiv is. Dadi scolds her to stop talking about Shiv. Shakti apologizes, and Dadi laughs. Shakti says he is angry at me, and Dadi says I saw something else in his eyes, too. I saw Shakti doubt Keertan, and I needed to trust her this time. Rimjhim hears that and says that’s why Shakti wasn’t talking to Manorama.

Mandira sees them and says their happiness will vanish soon. Their marriage will be their destruction. Dadi walks in and asks whose destruction. Mandira becomes nervous.


The truth will be welcomed to the house when everyone welcomes Maa Lakshmi tomorrow, so Shakti tells Shiv that whatever Ranjan did was not alone, and I go to Ranjan to get the evidence. Manorama listened to everything and said that Ranjan was her Trump card.

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