Pandya Store 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha Blamed for Store Demolition

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Natasha asking a man to help Dhawal. He says I can’t fight, but give me my phone. She takes his phone. The Pandya store is destroyed. Suman cries and remembers Gautam. Dhawal fights the goons. Natasha calls Chiku and says, “Listen to me.” Chiku scolds her. He says, “Congratulations, your first deal is sealed. Our Pandya store will turn dust in a few years.”.

He says don’t act shocked, this is because of your sign, you know it, don’t act. She says no. He says go and tell Amrish, he doesn’t win by bringing us on the road, I’m standing with Suman as her shield, he’ll get an answer on this. He ends the call. She sees Dhawal and recalls what he said. She gives him the phone and leaves. Seeing Natasha running, Dhawal runs after her. The goons follow. Chiku hugs his brothers. Suman cries and says my pride was shattered. Natasha sees the store breaking. Everyone cries.

After entering the store, she takes a pic of Gautam and Dhara. She recalls Gautam’s words. Chiku comes and takes the picture frame from her. He stops her and says you have lost this right, what you did today, the persons in these photos died again, I cannot let your touch hurt their souls again. He takes all the pictures.

You don’t know, Natasha says… Chiku shouts, “I understand everything. The Pandya store was our pride, everything. You signed on the papers; you have no rights to us or these pictures; your innocence has turned into cleverness; you should leave now.” I told Suman that Gautam and Dhara made a big mistake by giving Natasha the Pandya store. Natasha cries, and Shesh says he knows her intentions since childhood.

Shesh asks Suman to question Natasha. She gets us on the road. He urges Natasha to do what she did. Natasha says stop it, I’m your sister, why are you thinking that? Pandya store is mine too, it’s my life, how can I let them destroy it? Shesh tells Natasha to be ashamed and not to fool us. Natasha defends herself.

Chiku shows the papers and asks why your signs are there. He says you should have lied to us. Natasha says I signed these papers and was going to get 50% of the mall. Shesh claps and says WOW! Natasha has set a price for the store, he asks Suman to see. According to him, Gautam and Dhara gave you this store to secure your future, so you have ruined it, proving you are greedy. You broke the store, which served Suman and us to survive.

It’s about time, Chiku says. Natasha has ended our love today; I can see everything now, so let’s move forward. Natasha cries. Suman says she is your sister, the store has been destroyed, and you shouldn’t fight and ruin my family’s reputation. If Chutki had done this, maybe she would have gotten under pressure. Natasha hugs her and says no.

Sasural’s pressure is tough, Suman says. It’s okay. We knew that Sasural wanted to tear down the Pandya store and build a mall, and you left everything because of this matter, and I believed you. Natasha’s happiness is worth sacrifice even to you. Dhawal looks for her. He worries for her. He hears the men discussing the demolition of the Pandya store.


She packs her bags. Amba asks her a little thing before she leaves. Amrish says I told you we can’t be separated. Dhawal says it’s a divorce file, Natasha.

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