Mehndi Wala Ghar 21st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Manas Seeks Forgiveness

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 21st March 2024 Written Episode Update on

As Mauli thinks about talking to Janki, she tells them the story of Ramayan. Janki says that every woman should do her duty towards her husband. She introduces Mauli to the guests. She praises and says we’re lucky to have her as our Bahu. The wind blows. Janki worries. The ladies leave. Mauli gets the clothes from the terrace. Ajay tells Manas not to worry and that the family will accept him.

Ajay says we need bail papers. Manoj says, but we need them. Manas and I are going to Mumbai, you know what they think about Manas, Manoj also took Mauli’s side, so everyone is on her side. Rahul comes to Mauli. He asks her to talk to Janki. She says I tried, but I didn’t have the chance. He asks her to speak to Janki first. You can take Manas home after he gets bail.

Manas says he is right. Everyone got hurt because of me, and I apologize to them. Ajay signs the papers. He says he knows he won’t be welcomed at home, but the family must forgive the children. Janki was calling Manas for puja, and it was fate that he was here. Manas says he agrees.

Manas says it takes work. Ajanta says I want to do the right thing. Manoj smiles. He says bravo, Manas, your life has taken a positive turn. Manoj hugs Manas and takes him home. Ajanta wonders what will happen to Mauli. Janki talks to the pandit on the phone. Mauli approaches her. Rahul looks on. Janki asks if she wants to say anything. Mauli says yes.

Janki sees Manas and worries. Mauli and Rahul are shocked to see an injured Manas coming with Manoj, Ajanta, and Ajay. Hari and Janki ask what happened. All go and watch. It’s punishment for my mistakes, Manas says. He’s telling them everything, and he apologizes to Mauli.

Rahul shares that he is occupied with drama, but his demeanor changes as he remembers Manas’ words and becomes upset. He declares that he will confront him. Mauli intervenes and urges Manas to stand up. Manas regrets not realizing her worth sooner and asks for forgiveness. Mauli excuses herself and retrieves her first aid kit to tend to Manas’ injuries. Janki instructs Mauli to take care of Manas in the bedroom, but she hesitates, not wanting to converse with Janki. However, Janki halts Rahul from getting involved, stating that Mauli is a doctor and Manas’ wife, and there is no need for his interference. She turns towards Vijay and requests him to counsel Rahul.

Daddy, Manas is on a drama, Rahul says. Vijay asks why you care. You don’t need to talk between husband and wife. He apologizes to Mauli. I’ll keep apologizing to you, he says, Aashna left me, I hurt you and dad, and I deserve this. He asks for the painkiller. He says scold me, get angry with me. She gives him water. He says don’t ignore me, talk to me, hit me. She goes to get food for him.

As Janki says, Manas is back and wants to return to Mauli. This is good; they will sit in puja tomorrow. Mauli cared for him. Manoj says yes. She asks Akshay to make suitable arrangements. She asks them to prepare Manas’ favorite dishes. She asks everyone to work together. Tanvi asks Swari to cut the dry fruits. Tanvi asks Swara if she will forgive Manas for leaving Mauli. Swara says yes since she is his wife.

Tanvi says girls always suffer, so it’s nice she forgives Manas and makes a fresh start. Mini says no, it’s foolish. Mauli takes food for Manas. Rahul sees her. He asks why you care for his wife. She answers that he is my patient, and I am doing my job as a doctor. You are doing the job of a good wife, he says. I will take the food to Manas and ask him why he returned and his plan. She stops him from going.

You think his heart has changed, you feel for him, he cheated on the wedding night, you shouldn’t trust him. She says I remember that, thanks for your concern, I can handle my lie, don’t interfere. The man says I keep my friendship, as I promised you. Sorry, I won’t leave you, but I will follow your promise. Janki watches.


In response, Manoj asks Mauli what’s in her heart. Mauli replies, I don’t feel anything for Manas anymore, I’m sorry.

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