Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Sahiba’s Delusions and Angad’s Revelation


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Angad collapses, injured as a result of a pillar falling on him. Sahiba pulls the pillar away and holds him in her hands. The family walks over to her and asks what happened to him. Sahiba calls an ambulance and tells Angad she will take him to the hospital shortly, and he’s bleeding so much. Garry wonders why Sahiba is acting this way since he saw him leave for work some time ago.

To prove she was mentally unstable, Seerat mixed hypnotic powder into Sahiba’s water. Garry informs Sahiba of Angad’s departure from office. Sahiba tells her that Angad is severely injured in her arms. Manveer shouts at her to stop her drama. Jasleen asks Sahiba what happened. Sahiba says a pillar wounded Angad. Jasleen says Angad isn’t here. Sahiba sees Angad disappearing and the pillar intact.

Gurleen and Prabjot accuse Sahiba of using her insanity to manipulate Angad. Seerat believes Sahiba is deliberately causing trouble for everyone, and Jasleen cautions her against making hurtful comments about her sister. Garry reminds Seerat that she seems pleased with the distance between Angad and Sahiba. Seerat blames Garry for their separation, to which he threatens to expose her true intentions if she continues to speak ill of others.

Anand watches CCTV footage at the hotel. He observes Keerat leaving the hotel dilapidatedly and Veer following behind. He recalls Sahiba’s and Keerat’s words and realizes they were right and Veer’s wrong. He asks the receptionist for a copy of the video. Sahiba is taken to the servant quarter by Jasleen and Garry, who offer her water. She grabs the mug and drinks it. They are shocked at her state.

Hansraj is informed of what Sahiba has done. Seerat reports that her sister has gone mad, and she is worried about her. Manveer says Sahiba is acting to prove they mentally tortured her and caused her to lose her mental balance. Seerat says Manveer is correct; otherwise, such a well-cultured girl would not behave like this. Prabjot says Sahiba wants to trap all of them, but Sahiba is right.

Sahiba remains in a state of panic, insisting that she witnessed a pillar falling on Angad. Jasleen soothes her until she falls asleep. Garry expresses his belief in Sahiba’s love and concern for Angad. Veer meets with Angad to discuss why he wants to meet him. Angad asks him to explain what truly transpired that night. Despite having already told him, Veer is shown the footage by Angad and claims to be manipulated by Sahiba to incriminate him. However, Angad provides further evidence that proves his involvement in Keerat’s escape from the hotel.


Angad takes Veer to the Monga house and says he found out what Veer did with Keerat that night. Veer is their culprit, and they can punish him according to their wishes. Sahiba hallucinates and prevents Manveer’s friend from signing a document. Sahiba pushes Manveer away and injures her. Seerat gives spiked water to Sahiba again.

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