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As fellow shopkeepers continue to break into Sahiba’s shop, Sahiba threatens to call the police. One of them sets fire to the shop. Others escape fearing arrest. Ajith is brought to his senses by neighbours who inform him that Sahiba is trapped. He attempts to enter the shop to rescue Sahiba, but neighbours stop him.

Angad reaches there and asks Surinder what’s going on. Surinder briefs him about the situation. Angad asks Ajith about Sahiba. Ajith points at the shop. Ajith tells Angad to rush over and get Sahiba out. Sahiba is shocked senselessly. He brings him out of the shop. Sahiba recalls how Angad got trapped by a pillar while trying to save her.

Angad bleeds severely and loses consciousness. Sahiba calls for an ambulance. The ambulance operator says they need 20 minutes to reach the hospital. Kulcha gets his car. They put Angad in the car and rush to the hospital. When Sahiba tries to wake him up, she tells him she will sleep on the couch, he can sleep on the bed, and she won’t fight with him, etc. They get stuck in traffic. Kulcha plays a fake alarm and clears the traffic. They reach City Hospital.

Japjyoth informs Akaal about the same and he rushes with Veer to the hospital. Veer informs Manveer and Inder that Sahiba’s shop caught fire and Angad was severely injured trying to save Sahiba. Sahiba took him to City Hospital.

The doctor takes Angad to the OT once Sahiba reaches the hospital. Sahiba breaks down, saying Angad saved her life but got severely injured himself. Ajith says if one cares for others, God will take care of them; she need not worry as Angad will be fine. Inder, Manveer, and Akaal arrive at the hospital and ask Sahiba what happened. The shopkeepers set her shop on fire, and Angad got severely injured trying to save her.

Japjyoth worries about Angad and asks Jaspal to contact the hospital and find out if Angad is okay. Garry tries to leave home. Jasleen asks him to stay back and show his fake concern for Angad and never let anyone know that he is least bothered. Jasleen asks Japjyoth how the accident happened. Gurleen says they do not know.

Hansraj tells Jasleen that Sahiba should have called them and informed them, while Seerat is doing her job well. Jaspal calls the hospital again. Sahiba informs Manveer and Inder that the blood on her dress is Angad’s, which causes them to both break down. Garry asks Seerat to learn how to act, as she is too worthy, he should do the same and regain his dignity in this house.


Manveer and Inder warn Sahiba to stay away from their son. Angad is taken for surgery. Sahiba urges Angad not to accept defeat.


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