Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st April 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st April 2023, Written Update on

Roohi asks Abhimanyu why he wore sunglasses, you look handsome. Aarohi asks him to have medicine for a hangover. Abhimanyu says I just have a headache; did you see my phone? No. Abhimanyu hugs Roohi. She leaves. He apologizes. Roohi says I’ll write Roohi Abhimanyu Birla on all the books.

Then Manjiri asks you what happened. I know you are upset, I know weak people drink alcohol, you aren’t weak. He lies on her lap and ponders how to convey my pain about Abhir’s departure. She explains Abhir to him. She says you are unable to give attention to Roohi, she needs you, try to understand, I know Abhir is lovely, but we should have attachment with other children within limits, we can just pray for Abhir, you have to strengthen your heart.

I’m 5 years old, and I can’t get enough snacks. Manish says to have it; I’ll make you the biggest kachori later. Suvarna says I made sweets for you. Abhir says they’re nice. Akshara asks you about what you’re thinking. Abhinav gives the letter. She asks if we should talk this way. Abhimanyu wrote the letter for Abhir. She asks why. He asks her to read it. She does.

Abhimanyu finds his phone at the place and picks up the alcohol bottle, smiling as he remembers the night. He decides whether to give it to him or not. The voice recording on his phone makes him question why you’re giving me a letter. Akshara says your doctor sent it for you. Abhimanyu says it’s not clear, what Abhinav said.

Abhimanyu recalls. Abhir says don’t look at my letter. He asks Akshara to read it. Akshara does. You are going to the US with your parents, and I will always be your doctor. I will worry for you, be sure to contact me if you need anything, I will be there for you no matter what, eat healthy food, not fried and spicy, I don’t want you to leave.

The doctor is taking care of Abhir. Abhinav thanks her. Akshara says I should not make distance with people, but hearts shouldn’t get distant. Abhir says I love you, doctor. Abhimanyu recalls Abhinav’s words and tears up. Akshara says Abhir’s file is at the hospital. Abhinav says I’ll get it in the evening. She says no, Abhimanyu shouldn’t get it, I’ll get it. She leaves. He leaves in the car. He recalls Abhir. When he reaches the hospital, he runs in. Akshara enters the cabin and retrieves Abhir’s file.

Rohan comes. Abhimanyu asks where Abhir’s file is. Rohan says, Akshara Madam. Akshara stops to have some water. Abhimanyu runs after her.

The man says that the door is closed for cleaning. He runs downstairs. Akshara’s car door gets stuck. Abhimanyu shouts stop Akshara, look at me. She turns. He says give me the file. She says I won’t give you the file, you’re not his doctor, what are you doing? I’m his doctor and his father too, he says. She gets stunned.


He asks who gave you the right to keep a father away from his children. Akshara responds that Abhinav is Abhir’s father.


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