Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Jasleen expressing her surprise at Sahiba’s apology, remarking that she has never seen someone apologize with such attitude. Sahiba asserts that her apology was sincere and devoid of attitude, as she has no shame in apologizing to her elder sister. Akaal interrupts, urging Japjyoth to leave the place. Suddenly, the police forcefully enter the scene, prompting Akaal to question their presence and instruct Angad to call the police commissioner. The lady inspector introduces herself and instructs the constables to protect Sahiba. Inder arrives and inquires about the situation. The inspector reveals that they have come to arrest Akaal based on Sahiba’s complaint of domestic violence.

Angad confronts Sahiba, expressing his disbelief that she would file a false complaint against Akaal. Sahiba denies filing any complaint, and the inspector reassures her not to worry. Jasleen and others accuse Sahiba, while Veer defends her, stating that she would never file such a complaint. Inder verifies the arrest warrant and confirms its authenticity. Angad questions Sahiba again, to which she reiterates that she is unaware of the complaint. The inspector brandishes handcuffs and declares that she is arresting Akaal in the domestic violence case. Angad intervenes, but the inspector warns him against interfering. Akaal expresses his shock at Sahiba’s accusation and pleads with the inspector not to arrest him. Angad insists that it is a false case and attempts to contact their lawyer, but the lawyer does not answer his call. He sends Veer to bring the lawyer.

Seerat attempts to slap Sahiba, but she is stopped by a constable who warns her of the consequences. The inspector proceeds to arrest Akaal and takes him away in the police jeep. Angad, accompanied by Inder and Hansraj, follows closely behind. Meanwhile, Japjyoth collapses, and Gurleen informs the others about her condition. Inder instructs Angad to go to the police station while he attends to Japjyoth. Within the family, accusations and verbal abuse towards Sahiba persist. Inder warns Sahiba that he will not tolerate any attacks on his family and declares his determination to get Akaal released from the police station within 24 hours and expel Sahiba from the house. Sahiba, undeterred, decides to visit the police station and resolve the issue. Seerat tries to stop her, but Sahiba insists that nothing, not even God, can hinder her now, and she heads towards the police station.

At the police station, Angad pleads with the inspector to be lenient towards Akaal due to his status as a senior citizen. The inspector questions whether Akaal considered his age when he allegedly abused his daughter-in-law both physically and verbally. Angad assures Akaal that he will secure his release soon. Their lawyer arrives, and Angad proclaims the case to be false. However, the lawyer examines the First Information Report (FIR) and reveals that Sahiba Kaur Monga has indeed filed the complaint. Sahiba enters the police station and asserts that she did not file any complaint and has never visited the station before. The inspector claims that Sahiba seemed nervous during her previous visit and presents her signatures on the FIR as evidence. She also requests Sahiba’s ID card to match the signatures.


Angad accuses Sahiba of pretending and insists that she stop the act. Sahiba vehemently denies filing the FIR, but the inspector claims to have video evidence and proceeds to show it to Sahiba.

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