Faltu 18th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Dada ji calls Faltu to inquire about Neil’s condition. She informs him that Neil is undergoing treatment at the hospital. Dada ji plans to come but faces transportation issues due to the sick driver. Faltu insists on staying with Neil and Dada ji trusts her implicitly, offering to fulfill any request she might have. However, Faltu declines any rewards and notes down Dada ji’s number to keep him updated.

Meanwhile, Ayaan is resting, and he holds Tanu’s hand, mistaking her for Faltu. Tanu becomes upset but kisses his hand, showing her concern for him. Savita expresses her desire to see Ayaan and visits his room. Neil wakes up at the hospital and asks about his whereabouts. He jokes about Faltu selling his kidney, but she lightens the mood with her witty response. Faltu informs Neil that she has already spoken to Dada ji about his condition, and he is on his way.

Neil panics and runs away with his phone, not wanting to face Dada ji. The doctor informs Faltu that Neil is no longer the hospital’s responsibility since he has left. Faltu contacts Dada ji and updates him about Neil’s departure, causing him to worry. She advises Dada ji to try calling Neil, but he suspects that Neil will switch off his phone. Faltu tries to stop Neil from leaving but eventually accompanies him in the cab to take care of him.

Back at the house, Sumitra urges Tanu not to divorce Sid. Tanu assures her that she won’t. Savita brings Ayaan to the room, and Tanu asks him to sign the divorce papers. Neil and Faltu engage in a heated argument, with Faltu revealing her nickname “Faltu.” Neil finds it amusing and taunts her, calling girls useless. Faltu retaliates, mentioning Neil’s past actions with other girls and gifts. Ayaan hesitatingly signs the divorce papers and is reminded of Faltu.

Dada ji expresses his gratitude to Faltu and wants to repay her favour. Meanwhile, Ayaan interrupts a conversation with a man seeking information about three waitresses.

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