Faltu 12th March 2023 Written Update

She starts the episode by saying we will one day be the world’s best husband and wife. Ayaan asks is she telling the truth, I feel positive since Rocky came home, I’ve never felt this way about a man, but no, it can’t be true, why do I think of Faltu when I see Rocky, she was in front of me today but I couldn’t get hold of her, she is in Mumbai. How shall I sit still? There must be something I can do.

When he answers the phone, he asks the man to keep an eye on Faltu and to let him know where she lives and with whom she is living. He agrees. Faltu thinks the guy won’t get out. The guy loses his wicket. Faltu and the team win the match. She dances with them. Ayaan’s aide watches. Faltu gets the cash reward. The men congratulate her.

Faltu thanks them. She gets applauded. Rajan signs her. She smiles. She leaves. The man looks on. Janardhan and Savita praise Ayaan’s barbecue. He asks about Rocky. He played Holi with his friends, Tanisha says. Sid says I feel free today, keep him away from Ayaan’s barbecue. Kinshuk says yes, we will play some game. She asks what game we will play. Sid says to be ready to have fun, and leave everything to me.

In the middle of making the barbecue, Ayaan gets a call from the man who says he was going after them, but they disappeared. Ayush says Faltu is making it hard for me to find her, why? The trip went well, she says. Ayaan greets them, Dadi says I came knowing you were making barbecue today. She asks him to get the kabab. Ayaan says I will get it.

They all eat it and like the taste. Janardhan says I’ll go for a walk. Sid says we’ll play a game, no one will go anywhere. He tells them about the game, mission love. Kinshuk says my partner isn’t with me. Ayaan refuses to play because he’s tired. Sid asks him to play. Tanisha says it’ll be fun. Everyone insists. Sumitra asks what’s going on.

Faltu comes as Rocky and asks if the party ended, Kumkum says you missed Ayaan’s barbecue. Sid says Ayaan will feel uncomfortable doing the work, and Tanu will know Ayaan is still away from her. They all play the game. Sid asks Janardhan to get on his knees and propose Savita. Dadi asks Janardhan to do it. Janardhan takes a rose and proposes Savita. Everyone claps.

Sid asks Harsh and Kumkum to dance to a romantic song. Kumkum gets shy around Dadi. Dadi says I have also done all that. Harsh says I won’t lose today. They dance. Govind says I can’t play. The next couple is Ayaan and Tanu. Sid checks the chit and says you have to kiss your partner’s cheek. Tanu smiles. Ayaan gets up. Everyone tells him to kiss Tanu, but he won’t. He leaves.

It’s not comfortable for Sid to kiss, sorry Tanu, I thought therapy was working, but… Tanu says Ayaan feels shy, anyways Harsh and Kumkum are the winners, I’ll go see Ayaan. Kanika looks on. Faltu wonders why they are staying away from each other.

Sumitra sleepwalks. Faltu gets scared. She goes to get Kanika’s call. Kanika gets Vishal’s call. She gets up and asks why you are calling her. Faltu hides and hears them. He says he will party all night and can’t drive to the hospital. She asks him to leave. Faltu thinks Kanika is with Vishal, why did she hide him in a hospital?


Seeing Ayaan, Faltu runs and hides. He asks who is there.

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