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Faltu Episode Update

Written Episode of Faltu 15th May 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in.

In the beginning of the episode, Faltu scolds Tanu and asks them not to send goons to jail again to torture Ayaan. Dadi scolds Sid. I had to involve Suhana in this, Faltu says sorry Chachi. Kumkum says that’s okay, no need to apologize. Everyone is with Faltu. Faltu smiles and asks Tanu to see if the family is with her. Tanu gets angry and throws things. Kanika asks her to calm down. Sid asks if you are okay.

She says we lost. Kanika says we can still control this. Tanu asks how Faltu knew about the files, and how can Kinshuk and Suhana go against me. Sid says it’s time for damage control. She says we lost. Kanika says we still have control. Kanika says Faltu will not reach the court, so keep an eye on her, Sid, we need to catch her when she takes the files. Tanu asks how Ayaan will get free, Faltu will become great. Kanika says Faltu will not reach the court, so keep an eye on her.

In response, Tanu says, if you fail this time, I won’t forgive you, Ayaan will always be mine. Kanika holds Sid and leaves. He is angry as she leaves. Why can’t you see my love, since when will you get after Ayaan, I have always stood by you, you get mad at Ayaan, you have to become mine, I will stop Faltu from getting to court, keeping Ayaan in court will benefit me.

I am very happy that Ayaan is coming, I want to have sweets, let’s leave for court then. Savita gives Faltu her gold bangles. Everyone blesses Faltu. Janardhan asks Faltu to make tea and add sugar. Everyone blesses Faltu. As Ayesha watches, she gets angry. Savita tells Faltu, you deserve this, I have kept so much for you, I would have made new jewellery for you, but you know our financial situation. Faltu says it’s okay, I don’t normally wear jewellery.

Tanu can make us leave at any time; you all are encouraging Faltu. Kinshuk asks what happened to you. She asks why can’t see anything. She becomes angry and asks him to think like a father. Janardhan says you forgot Faltu was your Jethani.

She says I have supported her, mum never gave her jewellery to me. Savita says we had made jewellery of your choice, but you refused to take my jewellery saying the designs were old. Ayesha leaves. Faltu asks Savita to keep her bangles. Savita says don’t worry for Ayesha, I will explain, they are also yours. Faltu smiles. Kanika and Tanu arrive. Tanu taunts.

Janardhan and Dadi support Faltu and taunt Tanu for breaking the family. Janardhan says Faltu has won my heart, and Ayaan will return to her as a result of her. We will celebrate and you won’t be here. Kanika says Tanu owns the house, and she’ll get you out.

He argues with the other inspector. Ayaan says my wife has proof of my innocence, come to court and see for yourself. Inspector says he will. Tanu says it’s okay, it’s their loss. Ayaan is freed from lockup. Inspector says you have a court hearing today. He argues with the other inspector.

Sid asks the goons to focus on Faltu and stop her from reaching the court. Tanu says there should be no harm to the family members. Sid agrees, they are also my family members. Tanu says we should go to court now. Savita says we should stay at home since Ayaan is coming back.

As Janardhan asks Kinshuk to come, he says sorry, but the baby is crying. Savita asks him to leave, they will take care of the baby. Faltu asks him to be with Ayesha. She says we’ll get Ayaan home. He leaves. Kumkum asks what happened to Ayesha, and why is she acting this way.

Sid and Tanu come. Dadi wishes them well as Faltu says I took the file, it’s our biggest weapon today. Janardhan asks Faltu about the files. On their way, the goons attack them. They ask for the files. Faltu refuses. Janardhan says he’ll call the police.

She is threatened by the goons. She says I don’t have the file, it has reached the court. They check it. She says you think I didn’t know, tell Tanu that her money went to waste. I’m sure she has hidden it somewhere. The goons tell Faltu that we won’t let her go.

You can make me sit here for as long as you want, Fatu replies. The goon says don’t act smart, tell me where the files are. She tells Janardhan not to worry. She says Ayaan will be proven innocent. Sit in the car, Inspector asks where your wife is. Ayaan says she isn’t here, but she did the work, we knew someone would try to stop her.


Faltu prays. Everyone supports her. Tanu says that the house will be auctioned now.

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