Faltu 24th November 2022 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Written Episode of Faltu 24th November 2022

In the episode, Tanisha asks if you really want to marry me, or are you being pressured by Janardhan. In response, he says that he is marrying by his own will. She asks why other things are so important than marriage. Faltu worries and asks Alok’s uncle to call Ayaan. She says you are treating me like some work or social life, and that is not your priority. He asks her to calm down. As soon as he gets Alok’s call, he believes Faltu is having problems.

Tanisha put the phone down and declared that until they got married, she wouldn’t let him step foot in the office. Janardhan knew it wasn’t possible, and he had hoped that they would be able to run their business together. She laughed and asked who would run their marriage then- joking that he had lost his sense of humour- since all his time now belonged to her. He suggested Sid and Kinshuk could take care of the business while they went out for costume trials tomorrow and she remarked that was like a good husband. Suhana overheard them with a smile on her face, whilst Chacha ji chuckled at the exchange.

She asks Chuchi what’s going on. He says we’re listening to them. Tanisha asks what you thought about the honeymoon. Ayaan says we can schedule it later. She asks why are you getting married, I’ll tie your rakhi on Rakshabandhan. He says I didn’t refuse, we’ll go later. We’re going to Europe, she says. Chacha ji says we went there too. Tanisha asks Ayaan not to use his phone.

She says promise, you won’t give importance to anything other than our marriage. Ayaan worries about his promise to Charan. He promises. Chachi asks Chacha ji not to hear about their personal matters. They get inside Ayaan’s room. Tanisha smiles. Chacha ji says your Chachi did this, we didn’t pay attention. Suhana says yes, we were unaware you were going to Europe as a honeymoon.

Harsh Chacha ji tells Ayaan I will never leave you. Ayaan smiles. Harsh Chacha ji says I am the eldest, he will make you silent, you will become the wife’s puppet, so you benefit. Tanisha thanks him and says now I can go home peacefully. Kanika calls her. She says Ayaan’s time is mine now, and we planned our honeymoon too. Kanika apologizes to Ayaan and thanks him. Ayaan says your anger was justified and this will not happen again. He says I’ll take a shower now. Tanisha gives him his phone. They all leave together.

Angoori and Ratan talk to Pappi. Pappi says I have all the information I need. He leaves. Angoori scolds Faltu’s family. Charan says Ayaan will help Faltu and make her precious, so do not worry. Faltu worries and says I have to deal with Pappi. Then Alok says, calm down, I’ve called Ayaan, we’ll discuss it with him, it won’t happen. She says, do not drag him into my matter, his focus should be on his future wife.

Everyone talks to Mrijula and encourages her to have a conversation with Janardhan. Sumitra suggests they should talk it out, to air their grievances. However, Mrijula thinks Janardhan would never reach amicable terms with Alok, so she can’t stay there anymore. She gets a call and inquires about someone who didn’t have food. Which, Mrijula regretfully reveals that it was she who had skipped a meal because of being unwell. Making an excuse, she hastily leaves, leaving Sumitra puzzled by the whole incident. Taking matters into their own hands, Ayaan checks Alok’s missed calls and Mrijula requests him to come with her. Subsequently, Sumitra follows them.

She says I must hear them. Sid arrives. Ayaan says Faltu isn’t fine, I will come. Mrijula says no, you’re the groom, stay here and I’ll call you if needed. She leaves. Sumitra and Sid act in front of Ayaan. Ayaan leaves. Sid says Ayaan’s everything will be mine. She says she’s proud of her. Faltu faints down. Mrijula and Alok help her. Alok tells her about Pappi’s call. She takes care of Faltu.

Pappi calls Sid and scolds him. Pappi says Ayaan has run away with Faltu and I need your help. Sid asks, what proof do you have? Pappi says I didn’t see, but I’m sure Ayaan was talking about his Bua. He ends the call by saying Ayaan kept the girl at Bua’s house.

The precap:

Ayaan catches Ratan. Pappi hits Ayaan’s head.

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