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The episode begins with Ayaan determined to meet Ruhaan and confront him about why he took away Faltu from him and what he gained from all of this. He sets off to find Ruhaan. Meanwhile, Charan informs the family that Faltu has left her house. Jamuna expresses her shock and confusion, questioning why Faltu didn’t inform them and how she could leave her home like that. Charan decides to go and meet Faltu, hoping to understand her reasons for leaving.

Pratap mentions that due to the bad weather, there are no trains available for the next two days. Jamuna decides to call Ayaan to find out how he left Faltu. Just then, Faltu calls Ayaan, and everyone gathers around her, asking her why she left her house. Ayaan instructs her to talk to him and then return home. Jamuna suggests that she should go back and apologize to Ayaan. However, Faltu refuses, stating that she will never go back because of what happened. She explains that she left her village and family for Ayaan, but he doesn’t trust her and has tarnished her character. She feels she cannot go back to him. Angoori asks Faltu what mistake she made, but Faltu insists that she did nothing wrong and assures everyone that she will work and earn her own livelihood.

Charan assures Faltu that she doesn’t need to go back if it’s about her self-respect. Savita breaks down in tears and calls out to everyone. Sumitra asks about Ayaan’s well-being, and Savita reveals that Janardhan has gone somewhere without informing anyone. Amar mentions that Janardhan left in the car. Savita also asks about Tanu and Sid, and Sumitra informs her that they are resting. Savita pleads with them not to inform Ayaan about Janardhan’s absence to avoid causing him further stress. Charan assures Faltu that Ayaan has no right to question her character, which sparks an argument with Angoori. Faltu insists that she did nothing wrong and explains that she can’t stay with someone who doesn’t trust and respect her. She declares her decision to stay where she is and fulfil her dreams, asking if they are ashamed of her choice. Charan reassures her and promises to visit her soon. Angoori warns Charan, but he asks her to leave him alone. Faltu expresses her gratitude to the man who helped her and realizes she is hungry.

Meanwhile, Amar reveals that Janardhan was on a call with Ruhaan. Sumitra questions the point of meeting Ruhaan when Faltu willingly went to him. Everyone worries about the situation. Faltu notices a crowded stall nearby and comes up with an idea. She stops the people and offers them food, asking for two vada pavs in return. The stall owner agrees, and Faltu reminisces about Ayaan. The man hands her the food and advises her to eat it. Some children approach her and request food. She shares her plate with them and tells them to have it. An old man observes the scene. Ruhaan states that he will find peace when he makes Janardhan face the consequences of his actions.

Faltu notices a packed meal placed beside her, and the old man explains that it is for her. He admires her kind-heartedness in sharing food with the children and acknowledges her generosity. He offers her food and medicine, mentioning that she can help him when the time comes. Faltu expresses her gratitude and begins to eat. Meanwhile, Ayaan confronts Ruhaan, breaking a glass and delivering a punch to his face. They engage in a heated argument, with Ruhaan asserting that Ayaan will never get Faltu back.


Ayaan questions Ruhaan’s motives, asking if he is seeking revenge. Ruhaan reveals that he is seeking revenge not on Ayaan, but on Ayaan’s father, who he claims killed his own father.

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