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Govind asks where is Sid. She says he went for some work. Dadi and Savita explain to Janardhan and the media left. Sumitra says Faltu’s family is outside. I will bring food for them. Ayaan says this is happening because of Faltu. Dadi scolds him. He gets angry and throws things. Savita says this marriage has happened in front of everyone, we can’t throw them out, we can’t deny it, please stop Ayaan before it is too late.

He asks Kanika how Tanu is doing. She says you lost the right to know about Tanu’s well-being, she is foolish to take your side, I am giving you a last chance, Ayaan and Faltu got married, so I will make sure your entire family comes to the road if they enter Mittal’s house. Tanu may be foolish, but I am not. Remember, it’s your last chance.

She asks Dadi what she said. Sid comes and asks Tanu if she is alright, you called me, how dare Ayaan do this to you? Tanu slaps him in the face. Sid, how dare you, you cheated me, how dare you keep a friendship like this. Sumitra says Ayaan fell in love, got married and got Bahu home, so what’s wrong with that? I’ll take Faltu’s, Graha Pravesh. She says no one can deny this, whether they agree or not. Dadi and Savita come crying. Sumitra asks what Janardhan said. She says take this shagun plate and welcome your bahu. Savita turns away. Dadi says no. Sumitra asks no?

You backstabbed me, you changed the papers and submitted them to the court, why did you do that, I asked you not to get involved in my case, and why did you do that? Tanu and Kanika are shocked, but Sid says yes, I love you since I’ve never had the courage to tell you. Sumitra asks where they will go now. Dadi says sorry Ayaan, I couldn’t convince your dad. She hugs Ayaan and Faltu and cries. She says don’t leave this house. Ayaan asks Faltu to come. Faltu says no. Sumitra thinks she should go with Ayaan. Ayaan says we have no place in this house. Faltu says we have a place outside. Dadi asks will you stay on the road?

She explains to him. She says I decided to give all the tests and not step back, I will unite the family. He asks if we will stay on the road. She says she has come up with something. Sid says I used to get angry seeing your love for Ayaan because he didn’t deserve you. You sacrificed so much for him, and you deserved a better man, it’s not that selfish Ayaan. I don’t regret removing Ayaan from your life.

I have gone mad for you, I can do anything for your happiness, you beat me and curse me, but my love will not diminish. Angoori eats food. Pratap asks her to stop eating, what if anyone sees her eating? She argues. Ayaan and Faltu arrive. Charan asks Faltu if everything is fine, did your graha pravesh happen? Faltu says no, and Sid promises that he will never leave her alone. Kanika says Sid, you have lost your mind. Tanu stops Kanika.

If you love me, Sid, will you do as I command? Sid says anything’s possible, I can give my love to you. She asks what I’m going to do with my life. I want something else, I got out of there because of Sid, but he will not take me back. Faltu says Sasural is my home now, trust me, I’m going to play cricket there, join the family, go to the hotel, and take some time to relax. Charan asks Ayaan to take care of her.

I’ll always take care of you, says Ayaan. Sid says that’s illogical. Tanu asks why? She says you just said you could do anything to get me, think, it’s a good chance for you, if my plan works, you will get a big reward, and I’ll be giving you the entire business. Faltu’s parents leave. She tells Ayaan what she has in mind.

Tanu says I will never forgive Ayaan for this, he left me for Faltu, I will make Faltu leave him. Sid asks why you want to do this. Kanika says that it is not right. Tanu says you have 24 hours to think about it. She tells him not to be stupid, we don’t get everything in life, we have to decide, money can lessen the pain, and think with your head, not your heart. He says I love you, I want you with me. She says, don’t be stupid. Nobody gets everything in life.


Sid says Faltu is unlucky for this house. Faltu gets the lotus flowers and faints down. Dadi says a snake bit her. Ayaan shouts.

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