Kumkum Bhagya 2nd July 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd July 2023 Written Episode on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Prachi confessing that she still can’t forget Ranbir. She hugs the boxing gloves, pleading for Ranbir and his memories to leave her. Akshay arrives and notices the boxing gloves, asking if Ranbir used to do boxing as well. Prachi hesitates and before she can respond, Akshay asserts that he was unaware of how fortunate he was because, if he had known, he wouldn’t have separated Prachi from Ranbir. He acknowledges that he has Prachi’s love, something others can’t have, but admits that he couldn’t handle it.

Prachi admits her own mistake, saying that she had fought with Ranbir. Akshay reassures her, stating that it’s perfectly normal to have fights when there is love involved. He believes that wherever there is love, there are bound to be disagreements because of the expectations we have from our loved ones. He empathizes with Prachi’s feelings and expresses his pride in their friendship, highlighting that they aren’t like a typical married couple who constantly fight. He decides to take the boxing gloves away, as he understands that they only bring her trouble. Prachi contemplates the presence of Ranbir in her heart and expresses relief that she hasn’t seen him in months, wondering how she would handle her love and feelings if he were to appear in front of her.

Meanwhile, Mihika questions Ranbir about his personal interest in helping her. Ranbir reminds her that he also has a family and that revealing the truth about the wedding will only result in them blaming her for her decision. He suggests that he will do something that will make her family disapprove of him. Ranbir explains that her father will be upset, while her brother will be happy that his sister is wise enough to leave Ranbir. He predicts that everyone will think she is obeying their wishes.

Mihika agrees to Ranbir’s plan but insists that he stay at her house for 15 days, as her supposed boyfriend was supposed to stay with them for that duration. Ranbir accepts the offer and instructs her to inform her family that they are coming. Mihika calls Prachi and informs her about Ranbir’s impending arrival, requesting her to make arrangements to welcome him. Mihika then calls Prachi again and excitedly reveals that everything is falling into place. Mihika smiles with anticipation.

Prachi begins making arrangements and instructs the servants to throw flower petals on Mihika and the man. Akshay observes her happiness. Ashok asks if Prachi is aware of Mihika’s past. Akshay replies that she doesn’t know much. The female guests refer to the man as the future son-in-law. Akshay clarifies that he is not yet Mihika’s husband. One lady insists that Mihika had informed them about her intention to marry this man.

Prachi informs Akshay that the ladies are calling him the would-be son-in-law and that everyone is happy. Manpreet arrives and mentions that she has made sweets for the prospective son-in-law. Prachi asks Akshay to be happy despite his upset demeanour. Ashok jokingly asks Akshay why the lady is staring at him and if he looks handsome. Akshay responds by suggesting that she is actually looking at Ashok and wants to ask when the man will arrive. Ashok becomes concerned for Mihika.

Vishaka inquires about the commotion. Abhay replies that they are performing tapasya (austerity) and Jaap (chanting) for the special guest. Neha mentions that they are practising their dance routine. Divya adds that they will present their item dance. Ashok informs Akshay that the lady is still staring at him. The guard notifies Akshay that Mihika is on her way. Akshay inquires if she is arriving alone or accompanied by someone. The guard replies that she is coming with someone. Akshay makes an announcement that the man is already present, accompanying Mihika. Everyone rejoices. Prachi is about to go to the kitchen, but Manpreet stops her and asks her to stay there. Ashok tells Prachi that Mihika is more connected to her and asks her to welcome the man. Prachi agrees, saying she will do it for Mihika’s happiness.

The dhol (drum) begins playing. Mihika arrives, and Divya spots her with Ranbir, smiling in response. Prachi attempts to light the diya (lamp), but it goes out. Manpreet instructs her to light it again. Prachi turns to relight it just as Mihika arrives with Ranbir. Vishaka asks the servants to shower them with flower petals. Akshay assists Prachi in lighting the diya, while Ranbir holds Mihika’s hand. As they are about to enter, Manpreet stops them, suggesting they should enter after the aarti (ritualistic worship with light).

Akshay recognizes Ranbir and joyfully exclaims that he is his dear friend Ranbir, whom he introduced to everyone on their wedding day. He is thrilled to see him. Ashok whispers in Akshay’s ear that Ranbir is married. Akshay becomes worried. Prachi overhears and is shocked. She recalls their moments together and becomes teary-eyed. Ranbir notices her reaction, releases Mihika’s hand, and approaches Prachi. Mihika asks Prachi to perform their aarti.

Prachi walks towards them but stumbles, causing the aarti plate to fall from her hands. Vishaka considers it an inauspicious sign and halts Mihika and Ranbir. She suggests they should wait for five minutes. Vishaka questions Prachi, asking why she is staring at the man and reminding her of her own marriage. She insists that nothing should go wrong. Akshay remembers Rhea’s words about their upcoming marriage. Prachi walks away from the scene. Manpreet offers to pick up the fallen plate and bring a new one, telling Ranbir to stay there.

Prachi tells Mihika that she wants to tell her something. Akshay informs Mihika that the man is already married. Mihika questions why he is having a loveless and baseless relationship with Prachi when he is stopping her from pursuing her own happiness. Akshay raises his hand to slap her but stops himself.


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