Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2024 Written Episode: Monisha Confronts RV’s Betrayal | Written Update

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The Episode opens with RV’s Chachi insulting Poorvi by forcing her to walk in front of guests. They share a smile as she walks. Monisha appears, and Deepika rushes over to greet her. She embraces Monisha, expressing her joy at seeing her. Deepika invites her inside, but Monisha questions whether a particular event is happening. Deepika assures her that there isn’t, but Monisha remains skeptical. As she plans to introduce herself, Deepika quickly seeks Harleen’s help to prevent Monisha from discovering that Poorvi is RV’s wife. The two hurry off to stop her from discovering the truth.

RV is reminded of Dadu’s previous warning to treat Poorvi with respect, recalling how he was initially unaware that she was Khushi’s sister. He ponders whether Dadu saw him as a god-like figure and reassures himself that he has never mistreated Poorvi. His thoughts are interrupted as Dadu inquires about his concerns regarding the past. RV brings up Monisha and says he will speak to her once she finishes her course. Meanwhile, RV’s Chachi interacts with Monisha seemingly joyfully before turning her attention to Poorvi, urging her to sing a song. Despite Poorvi’s protestations of not knowing any songs, Chachi insists and departs.

As Dadi and Yug catch sight of Monisha, she immediately greets Dadi with an embrace. Inquisitive, Dadi wonders how she ended up here. Monisha responds with her own question: “Then where else would I be?” Suddenly, Poorvi’s bhajan begins to fill the air with its melody. Monisha turns to ask who the singer is. Yug introduces her as his brother RV’s wife, prompting Dadi to become flustered. Yug adds that she is not just any ordinary relative but his beautiful and charming sister-in-law; he urges Monisha to lift her veil and take a look. Monisha approaches Poorvi and unveils her face in anger as the bhajan ends before storming off. Bewildered, Poorvi wonders who this woman was who abruptly interrupted the traditional ‘muh dikhayi rasam’. With a surprised expression on his face, Yug watches as his mother follows after her.

As her fiancée, Monisha asks Harleen and Deepika how RV can marry another woman. Deepika says I’m your sister, so she should listen. Monisha says RV and I were engaged, everyone gave us blessings, and you people cheated us. She asks Deepika if they sent her to take the course so that they could betray her. Harleen says Monisha, please. Monisha says the marriage was scheduled for six months, and I was sent to do a three-month course to prepare me for this.

Monisha exclaims that she is the one who has been utterly disregarded by all of them, especially RV. She wonders where she should turn now that he has betrayed her trust. Monisha vows to handle it independently and reprimands the Servant as he stares at her before leaving. Poorvi inquires about the identity of their guest, who introduces herself as Monisha. Another guest cautions Poorvi to be careful around her as she is known to be dangerous. While attending a call, RV notices Monisha’s arrival and hastily ends the conversation. Monisha appears furious, and RV questions how she ended up here when she was supposed to be in London. Monisha retorts with the reminder that RV got married behind her back for this reason.

Your wife is seated for muh dikhayi ritual, according to Monisha. She shows the ring and says, “How can you marry another person when you’re engaged to me?”. You know I love you, so why would you marry another girl? RV says she’s not an ordinary girl. Monisha asks why she’s special. RV says she’s Khushi’s younger sister. Upon being betrayed by Khushi, Monisha asks why you married her younger sister. RV says it was for revenge.


Monisha asks RV what he will do to Poorvi. RV says he will take her to Pagphera and dump her there for good. Poorvi asks Monisha who she is. Monisha replies your Sautan. Poorvi is shocked.

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