Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhira’s Punishment Unfolds

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In the show, Dadi refuses food and asks Vidya to control Abhira. When Vidya sees Abhira, she says Abhira… Dadi gets angry. Abhira says no one knew I was leaving, so punish me. Dadi says, good, you will be punished. You will stand outside the door limits that you have crossed. Armaan says, don’t blame yourself. Rohit says I have come between you two.

The truth is, it belongs to you now, Armaan says. Rohit says I have come between you and the client. Armaan smiles and says, it’s okay, you can handle it yourself, I’m there. Rohit says I’m not getting the record. Armaan says let him come, I’ll talk to him. Rohit apologizes for leaving Abhira alone and coming. Armaan says it’s okay. They hear about Dadi punishing Abhira. Armaan thinks he will just come. Sanjay comes and says the client is ready. Are you guys ready?

Armaan gets busy. Abhira stands outside. Ruhi sees her and offers water. She tells her she needs water and food. Abhira says no, you will get a lousy bahu tag. Thanks, and go. Ruhi says you can’t fight and run a family, no arguments, and drink water. Dadi shouts Ruhi… she scolds her.

Abhira says I called Ruhi to help me; don’t punish her. Ruhi says don’t fight. Dadi says I should punish you both, I bless you, you both should be so loving. Ruhi, go back and stand with Abhira. She goes. She asks Vidya to control her bahus. Kajal says Vidya will handle her bahus. Dadi says they’re also there, so these girls won’t listen to her. Dadi says we’ll keep the family close.

Manisha and Kajal discuss their daughters and the potential challenges they face with a difficult mother-in-law. Manisha believes their daughters may never return home if they encounter such a situation. Kajal doesn’t want to think about it and asks Manisha not to bring up such a possibility. However, Manisha insists that it’s a harsh reality. Suddenly, Abhira interrupts their conversation by drinking some water. She also offers some to Ruhi and wonders why Ruhi would help her when she feels like Ruhi doesn’t like her. Curiously, Abhira asks Ruhi why she brought her water. Ruhi responds that she’s not sure. After chatting, Abhira suggests playing a word association game to pass the time. But Ruhi declines, saying she’s too old for such games. Abhira agrees but argues that it’s better than killing mosquitoes. As they play, Abhira says “love,” and Ruhi says “Armaan” without skipping a beat. This triggers something in Ruhi’s memory and causes her to notice Armaan and Rohit entering the room. She confirms their arrival by saying, “Yes

Ruhi is also punished, Rohit says. Armaan says I’ll speak to my Dadi and come. Abhira says let it be. Ruhi helped me, so we’re here. Rohit says we have to talk to Dadi. They go. Vidya stops them. Manisha, Vidya, and Kajal go to convince Dadi. Manisha says Abhira and Ruhi have become like sisters. Vidya says they don’t have their mum, so don’t be too strict. Abhira and Ruhi are dizzy as a result.

They hold their respective wives. Dil dhadakne lage…plays… Armaan asks Abhira to come in. She says Dadi will get angry. Rohit says Dadi ordered us to get you in. Abhira drinks some water. Dadi watches. Vidya feeds Abhira some sweets.

Sanjay and Manoj discuss their cases and find Manoj’s situation amusing. Meanwhile, Manish has a chance to encounter his old friend Kishan. As they catch up, Manoj points out that Kishan is also one of Sanjay’s clients. Sanjay takes this in stride and assures them he won’t intrude on their conversation. He suggests that Manish fill Kishan in on their work together. Abhira then offers to carry the heavy cylinder upstairs, which Armaan remarks lightheartedly. However, her mood quickly changes as she mentions Akshu and becomes upset. Armaan invites her to sit down and tries to console her without going into details. He reveals how much his mother means to him and expresses his gratitude towards Abhira for helping them in Mussoorie when his mother passed away. She thanks him for his kindness and for coming to save them during such a difficult time.


At the reception party, Armaan and Abhira come downstairs. Rohit says they look cute together. Dadi lectures Abhira.

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