Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Prachi’s phone ringing. She checks with Pallavi, Dida and others and decides to delegate the task of making tea. As she answers the call from Ranbir, he greets her with “hello, my love” and playfully asks if she misses him. Prachi, true to form, avoids giving a direct answer. Curious, Ranbir questions why she chooses to hold back her feelings and urges her to express her love for him. Prachi responds by saying that she believes in letting one’s heart do the talking. Smiling, Ranbir shares that he has purchased a lehenga for her to wear at their future wedding and asks if she approves of it. Prachi graciously replies that while she felt it was more his choice than hers, she genuinely loves it.

Ranbir expresses his love and Prachi, unable to talk at the moment, ends the call. Mihika overhears their conversation. Prachi then requests a servant to bring some tea. Dida inquires if Ranbir has called, to which Prachi responds that he did and asked about the bridal wear. Dida, proud of her grandson’s eagerness to marry Prachi, suggests that they take her home tomorrow. Pallavi adds that Ranbir is eagerly anticipating bringing her home. Dida clarifies that she simply wants Prachi to get a good night’s sleep so she looks radiant as a bride tomorrow. She reminds everyone not to misinterpret her intentions and emphasizes that her only concern is for Prachi’s well-being.

When Prachi gets shy and leaves, Manpreet tells Dida that she hadn’t seen her in this avatar. Dida says I was young too. Manpreet replies that I am still young. Prachi smiles. Mihika tells Divya that Ranbir and Prachi’s wedding is tomorrow. Divya says you won’t get Ranbir. Mihika says I’ll marry only Ranbir.

Prachi thanks the beautician for her makeup, then remembers her mother’s words about fate and how she can’t believe that Ranbir’s “kumkum” will be in her name once again. She expresses her gratitude to God. Mihika notices and remarks that this time, Ranbir’s name will be on her “kumkum.” She thinks back to Pallavi and Vishaka urging Prachi to wear the wedding attire. She also recalls cutting Prachi’s lehenga with scissors and plans to give Vikram medicine that will cause him heartache, thus putting a stop to Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage.

Suddenly Prachi comes to the room and says she can’t believe she is marrying Ranbir and he will be mine again. Mihika hears her and says to Prachi that tomorrow all your dreams will be shattered. Flashback ends. Mihika says that day is today.

As Prachi examines the lehenga and discovers a tear, Manpreet appears and beckons her to get ready. She informs Prachi that Ranbir would like to see her first. After confirming that she will be ready in five minutes, the baraat arrives. Manpreet announces that Ranbir has kept his promise and brought the baraat. Mihika excitedly exclaims that Ranbir has arrived and heads outside. Meanwhile, Ranbir enters with his family. Vikram and Dida request the Tandons to welcome the groom, while Vishaka offers to perform the aarti. Once she completes it, Ranbir seeks blessings from both Vishaka and Manpreet before embracing Ashok for his blessings as well.

Pallavi mentions that our groom is eager to see Prachi. This upsets Mihika and she considers pushing Pallavi from the terrace. To prevent any further delay, Manpreet asks Divya to call Prachi. After being asked to come, Prachi thinks about who could have cut the line and suspects Mihika. Meanwhile, Mihika adds medicine to a drink, knowing that it will take Prachi some time to arrive and thinking that her uncle may have another heart attack. She serves the drink to Pallavi and Dida before approaching Vikram with it. Mihika persuades Vikram to drink it as a favor for Prachi and he compliments its taste. Satisfied, Mihika thanks him while Divya arrives at the scene. Annoyed with her interruption, Mihika reprimands Divya for calling Prachi.

Ranbir sits on the mandap. Khushi shows him that she has applied lipstick. Dida comes to Prachi and asks why she isn’t ready yet. Prachi says something is wrong with her dress. Dida tells her to wear another dress and come fast. As she leaves, Prachi comes to the mandap and tells Ranbir that Prachi is coming. Ranbir asks her why she is not coming, and she tells him that var puja is taking place. Prachi says that someone has cut the dress.

They argue. Ranbir says Akshay has done this. Prachi says he can’t do this. They argue. Ranbir asks her to come in the same dress. Prachi says she will wear the dress given to her by him and his family. As Mihika wonders why Uncle isn’t getting better, Ranbir brings Prachi downstairs. Everyone looks at her. Pallavi says the dress is my wedding dress. Dida says I gave this to you. Prachi and Ranbir are entering the mandap. Khushi asks Akshay to hold something. The song plays….

Prachi and Ranbir are walking toward the mandap. On Prachi’s ghunghat, Pranbir’s name is embroidered. Khushi asks Akshay to throw flower petals at them. Akshay throws them sad. Ranbir apologizes to Pallavi and says that he had taken her wedding dress and brought it home with him. I got late, Prachi says. Pallavi thanks her for wearing her wedding dress and says now you look like our bahu and Ranbir’s wife.

Our house khushi is with Prachi and Khushi, Dida says. Manpreet says our Khushi will visit your house and asks Prachi to remember that she is with her and tells her to walk toward happiness. Dida asks Pandit ji to start the marriage. Pandit ji asks them to exchange the garlands. Mihika watches Ranbir and Prachi exchange the garlands happily. Everyone claps. Chal tere ishq me padh jaate hai is played…Pandit ji asks them to sit now.

They sit for the wedding ceremony as a beautiful song fills the room. The Pandit then prompts them to begin their rounds around the sacred fire. As Prachi and Ranbir walk hand in hand, she stumbles but he quickly assures her that he will always support her. With his help, they complete the remaining rounds. Once finished, Ranbir helps Prachi stand and then sits himself. Following tradition, the Pandit instructs Ranbir to place a mangalsutra around Prachi’s neck. He carefully does so with love in his eyes. Next, he is asked to apply kumkum on her forehead. As he gazes at Prachi, Ranbir gently places the kumkum in her maang before continuing with the ceremony.


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