Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Akshara struggling to keep a valuable item from breaking. Overcome with emotion, she sheds tears. Abhinav appears and observes her distress. Suddenly, Akshara falls to the ground. Abhinav is equally overwhelmed and begins to weep at the sight of her pain. In the background, the song “O Sona” plays as Akshara picks herself up and tries to fix the ribbons on the item. Meanwhile, Abhinav steps outside and closes the door behind him. His mind races with memories of their conversation from earlier. In an attempt to find answers, he calls Manish and pleads for him to be honest about Abhir’s well-being. Through tears, Manish admits that Abhir is missing. Shocked by this revelation, Abhinav drops his phone and breaks down in tears. Sensing something is wrong, Akshara turns around to see what has happened. It becomes clear that they have both received devastating news about their son’s disappearance as she sees Abhinav’s reaction.

It’s the labor that keeps the items in the truck. Abhir is still unconscious. The man asks who kept the chandelier. Inspector says we’ve checked everything, it’s not a kidnapping case, Abhir’s bag is missing, he went according to his wishes. Manjiri asks whether he went to Akshara. Anand says no, they’d have contacted us by now. Inspector says we’ll forward the pics, don’t worry.

Abhimanyu visits Abhir’s room and finds Manjiri in tears. He embraces Abhir’s belongings and sobs. Ruhi witnesses the scene before him. Abhimanyu pleads for Abhir’s return, but then notices Ruhi leaving. Taking a moment to think, he follows her. Meanwhile, Manjiri and Manish pray for Abhir’s well-being at the temple. She sheds more tears, while Manish blames himself and asks for punishment from the Lord. Despite his self-blame, Manjiri reassures him that it was not his fault. However, he insists that she was responsible for hurting their grandson. She defends herself by stating that she is aware of her mistake and acknowledges that sharing her pain won’t make it any easier to bear. At this point, she breaks down again while Manish continues to criticize her actions towards Akshara’s love for Abhir.

Akshara’s pain and love, it’s more than yours, she had set up a new home and family, she raised Abhir, he left everything behind and left for you. She broke his heart and gave him to you, but you got scared of her love, you played the game, you separated a mother and son, they long for one another, don’t insult Akshara.

Abhimanyu inquires Ruhi about Abhir, expressing concern for his safety. He acknowledges their unspoken sibling bond and respectfully asks her to share any information she may have. Understanding her hesitation, he reassures her that it’s okay to speak now. After her apology for keeping it a secret, Abhimanyu patiently listens as Ruhi reveals that Abhir went to Kasauli to meet Maasi, against Dida’s wishes. In a kind gesture, Ruhi shares that she gave him money from her piggy bank and he promised to call after reaching the station. However, when she tried calling him, his phone was switched off. Upon seeing Aarohi approach, Abhimanyu decides to investigate and promises not to upset Ruhi with anything he finds out. With determination, he sets off in search of Abhir.

Akshara packs a bag while Abhinav expresses concern for her health. She replies that she is going to look for Abhir. Upon Manjiri’s arrival, she overhears Abhimanyu on a call. Anand asks if he is certain about Abhir’s departure to Kasauli, which Abhimanyu confirms as Ruhi informed him. Manjiri suspects that Abhir went to meet Akshara and suggests that they find him on the way to the station. Abhinav insists they go together and even lights a diya. However, Akshara stops him and refuses to let any light in their house until their son is found, declaring she will not eat or drink until then. Meanwhile, labourers load items onto the truck.

Abhinav and Akshara depart as the man reminds the others to make space and put up curtains. Upon seeing Abhir’s hand, he assumes it’s Abhimanyu. However, Abhimanyu appears and explains that he has searched all possible places but cannot find Abhir. As Akshara and Abhinav reappear, she questions how someone can not know the whereabouts of a child in their care. Suddenly, Abhir wakes up and calls for his mother. The woman puts his glasses on him and he sees someone else in the room. As Akshara intensely grabs Abhimanyu’s collar, she reminds him of his tendency to take on responsibility without maintaining it; her son is nowhere to be found under his watch, and she demands that he retrieve him immediately. Emotions run high as she faints while being held by Abhimanyu. Angered by the situation, Abhinav looks on with concern along with everyone else present as Abhimanyu carries Akshara in his arms.


An unknown number calls Abhimanyu. Abhir falls down. Akshara runs outside the house. Abhimanyu arrives. Abhinav meets with an accident.

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