Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th July 2023 Written Update


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Seerat relishes getting drenched in the rain and playfully pulls Angad into the downpour with her. Annoyed, Angad implores her to release him and retreats angrily to the shelter. Seerat can’t help but find him incredibly attractive when he’s upset. As she embraces him with desire, she questions why they can’t come back together. When Angad manages to break free, Seerat implores him to gaze at her with desire and let go of all constraints. She urges him to cast aside his inhibitions and focus solely on her.

She says she is upset because Garry left her, but if she crosses her limits, no one will respect her. Seerat says she wants him to accept her again since she was his first choice. He says Angad is married to Sahiba who is Seerat’s younger sister, and Seerat is now his younger brother Garry’s wife, so she should not think about anything else and maintain her dignity. He departs from the scene, leaving Seerat feeling frustrated.

Inder comforts Simran, assuring her that Angad and Sahiba will be fine. He reminds her how much she loves Angad and that she saw him in her dream. Simran agrees, smiling at Inder’s words. Sahiba walks in and comments on how Uncle Inder has managed to make Simran smile. Simran confirms this and Inder encourages her to get some rest. Simran then asks Inder to tell her a story before she falls asleep, to which he obliges.

Sahiba inquires once more about Angad’s damp appearance, to which he responds by stating it is due to the rain outside. As a concerned gesture, Sahiba offers him a towel and advises him to dry off before needing assistance himself. Angad ponders whether or not to inform Sahiba about Seerat’s audacious behavior. Meanwhile, Seerat is convinced that Angad still harbors feelings for her, but is hesitant due to Sahiba’s presence. Despite there being no romantic relationship between them, Angad is unwilling to leave Sahiba and choose Seerat instead. In another instance, Manveer questions Inder’s sudden attention towards Simran, as he never showed concern for any other child in the household. Inder dismisses the question as unfounded, while Manveer speculates if it has something to do with Simran being the daughter of Gayatri Sachdeva. With a sense of anxiety, Inder denies this connection and insists there are many people named Gayatri Sachdeva in the world. However, Manveer continues probing and finally asks if Simran is his daughter. Inder became uneasy and excuses himself by stating he needs rest before going to sleep.

As she brought Simran home from an orphanage the next morning, Manveer questions Sahiba about Simran’s father. When Simran and Angad walk into the house for breakfast, Manveer asks her to join him. He takes Sahiba along, and Seerat asks Angad if he is still angry with her for what happened last night. Angad hesitantly replies no. She prepares breakfast for Simran and asks him to join her for the breakfast.

Sahiba is asked if she will dump all the work on her like the warden did. Seerat declines, stating that it will be an enjoyable occasion.. As Manveer continues to question Sahiba, Angad enters the room and asks why Sahiba would know about Simran’s father when she herself was searching for him. He leaves. If she finds out the truth, Simran needs to speak to Inder about why Manveer suddenly became interested in her.


Sitting beside a swimming pool, with Sahiba intoxicated, Angad croons a song in a hoarse voice. Sahiba inquires if he won’t stand by her regarding Simran. Angad responds that she should entrust it to him.

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