Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Sahiba’s Delusions and Angad’s Investigation


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Asked about Sahiba’s new drama, Manveer asks Angad what is happening now. Angad says Sahiba is ill. Manveer says Sahiba is trying to get his attention. Angad says Sahiba is still his wife, so he cannot hear against her. She is here because of court orders and is extremely disturbed, so he does not want anyone to accuse her. He asks her to behave like his mother and listen to her, as she is worried about him.

Sahiba remembers Angad telling her she was standing on a balcony railing and drinking spiked water. Angad says Mamma is wrong this time. She drinks spiked water again. Jasleen walks over to her and asks what she is doing on a railing and if she is okay. Sahiba instructs her to leave because Bebe and Darji will not like seeing her with her and may scold her. Jasleen walks away and asks her to take good care of herself.

When Keerat hears his mobile ring, he thinks it’s Veer and wonders why he called her. When Garry calls, she tells him that she wants to be alone and is not in the mood to talk. When she is upset, Garry says he knows she feels guilty and blames herself but not him, so he asks her not to disconnect the call.

She should speak her heart to Sahiba whenever she feels and shouldn’t feel alone because his parents are worried about her. As he knows she hasn’t eaten since morning, he puts a food packet in her window, and he’s apprehensive about her, etc. She picks up the food packet and finds aloo parathas, recalling Garry taking her to an aloo paratha stall.

When Veer becomes heavily drunk, Angad approaches him and asks him what happened that night. Veer plays the victim card and asks if Angad refers to the night Keerat betrayed him. Keerat betrayed him in real life, and Angad wants to hear the whole story again. Veer admits he missed Keerat and called her to a hotel that night. Angad wants him to look at him and tell him what happened next.

She went to meet Garry rather than visit him. Veer asks Angad if that happened that night. Veer asks if he doubting him, he had truly loved Keerat, but she betrayed him; he is hurt because his elder brother doesn’t trust him; why did he save him if he had to question him. Veer cries as he holds Angad’s feet. As usual, Angad falls victim to his emotional blackmail.

In the morning, Sahiba feels thirsty. Seerat brings a can of water via servants to Sahiba, telling him that everyone’s mood will be disturbed if Sahiba leaves the room, so she brings him a week’s worth of water. Sahiba asks if she feels worried about others or pleased seeing her condition.

She agrees that Sahiba shouldn’t come in front of Angad and his family and stay in this room alone. As Sahiba drinks water, Keerat smirks and recalls how a man gave her hypnotic powder to prove Sahiba insane. She walks away, thinking she would enjoy seeing Sahiba delusional.

Sahiba starts feeling delusional again and sees ceiling fans falling on her, walls moving towards her, etc. She runs out to the lawn, shouting. She notices a pillar falling towards Angad and shouts at him to move away from there. The family gathers. In sight of Angad, Sahiba runs towards him and notices that the pillar has fallen on him.


Sahiba imagines Angad is injured and tells him not to worry as the doctors will take her to the hospital. Garry says Angad is at work. Veer says he already told him the truth. Angad shows Veer the CCTV footage.

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