Kavya 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update: Adi and Kavya’s Daring Lab Heist


Kavya 2nd May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Kavya and Adi enter the lab and fool the watchman. They ask him to save Kavya’s life. Kavya acts pregnant, telling him he is a devil and I will die because of him. Adi sees the orange and asks what it is. She says the orange packet was torn, so I didn’t get a melon. She asks the watchman to assist her. Adi and Kavya go inside. Sanjeev calls Naina and says he is waiting for her. Kishor says Naina has gone to meet Sanjeev.

Badi Amma criticizes your decision to let her leave and calls you a fool. Hurry up and go there. Upon hearing this, Alka becomes anxious and decides to inform Kavya. The watchman summons Kavya to come over. Adi instructs the watchman to bring the cylinder over. After checking the system for accurate reports, Adi receives the cylinder. He assures that she will soon recover and sends the watchman out to do his job. He then asks Kavya to get up, prompting a brief moment between them before they examine the report together. Suddenly, the watchman discovers an orange and questions how it got there.

Alka called Sanjeev while Kavya, Adi, and their friend were present. Despite expressing her desire to become pregnant, Kavya acknowledged that she could not do so until she cleared Sanjeev’s doubts about being Omi’s murderer. Adi reassured her that they would accomplish what they came here for. Eventually, Adi’s friend helped them retrieve the report, which he then passed on to Kavya as a pen drive. While Alka started behaving strangely, Sanjeev arrived with Kishor and questioned the group’s presence.

Adi and Kavya run. Sanjeev and Alka also run. Dil se re….plays…. He asks how did you come here? She said your life is in danger, so I came. He says you will know me, I am determined, I do what I decide, I couldn’t meet Naina, but I got someone’s wallet, let’s check it out. He gets a card. She says she thinks Naina met her boyfriend here, and Sanjeev says I found a way to reach Naina. Adi and Kavya hide somewhere.

Their argument goes as follows. He says you shouldn’t have taken so much pain, and you don’t deserve it. She beats him. She says I can’t let you go. He says I’ll trouble you. They confess love. Although I was searching for proof of your innocence, today I believe you, you can’t take anyone’s life, I’m sorry. They hug. Adi and Kavya romance. Haye rama….plays…


In response to the reporters, Kavya says she will support the truth.

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