Udne Ki Aasha 6th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Family Traditions and Tejas’ Business Plans

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Paresh decorates the house in the episode. Aaji likes it. Sachin says Aaji had set everything up before her arrival, and I liked it. Renu gets angry, so Aaji asks Renu to shut her door and come in. Aaji meets Tejas. She says you should look like a groom. She asks Paresh what happened to Tejas. Paresh says nothing. He is busy. Tejas tells Aaji about his business. Sachin laughs.

I plan to import and export. Sachin says I’ll let you know, even though he doesn’t know it. Aaji asks Tejas to explain it. Tejas asks if you had lunch. Aaji says we’ll eat together. He says, “You eat, I’ll come later.” He leaves. He looks unhappy, so Aaji asks if you got his consent. Paresh says yes, he met Sayali too. Aaji asks where Akash is. Sachin says he’ll come this evening.

Aaji makes the Rangoli at the door. Sachin comes. Paresh tells Aaji she is doing this to welcome the bride. Aaji asks how it is. Sachin says it’s the best, like my Aaji. Renu watches. She wonders what they know about art and what the purpose of this drama is. Aaji says it is a tradition, not drama. Renu asks if I said anything. Aaji says no, I read your face, you were thinking that. Renu says no, you made a beautiful rangoli.

Sachin says everyone is the same, and some people don’t get that. Aaji says yes, Bahu is Ghar ki Laxmi; she should get her love and respect. Akash gets tea for them. Akash likes the Rangoli and says it’s beautiful, like Aaji’s smile. Renu makes a face. Akash says you are lucky to get a multi-talented Saas. It is good to meet a multi-talented Saas. Aaji enjoys the tea. Renu leaves. Akash says we’ll take a selfie. Aaji says that once Tejas gets married, Sachin will get married a year later. Akash says yes, he should.

Sachin says I will run away from home and don’t want to get married. Aaji thinks she will find you a girl. Sachin leaves. Sayali and her family get ready. They do the aarti. They talk to Alok’s picture and cry. Sayali missed Alok. She asks her to bless her. Shobha consoles her. Sachin calls Juhi, who tells them to come downstairs. When Juhi sees Alok’s photo frame, Sayali says you will always be my strength, and she knows you won’t let anything go wrong.

Seeing Dilip, Sayali, and the family, Sachin asks Shobha not to fight. He asks Dilip if he will take my car now. Sayali scolds him. He does. Aaji prays at home. She does the aarti. She says to pray that you and your wife stay together and be happy forever. Tejas thinks Isha and I will unite soon. Paresh asks if you’re heading somewhere.

I am going to meet the bank manager for a business loan. Paresh asks why I need a loan since I gave the money. Tejas says it’s only the principal amount. I want more money. Aaji asks what happened. Paresh says he is going to the bank for a meeting. Tejas says it is crucial. Aaji says he’s coming, we’ll go.

Tejas meets Isha, and she questions him about his lateness. He explains that the car is now ready. She wonders if he has changed his mind, but he clarifies that the delay was due to a bank problem and their cheque will be cleared tomorrow. Isha is pleased with Laila’s actions and puts on a show for Tejas. He reveals that he spoke to Laila, who assured them their cheque would clear in the morning. He suggests that Isha follow up with the bank since they have a joint account, and she can withdraw the funds while he heads to the mandap. However, Isha expresses sympathy for Laila, to which Tejas reminds her of their shared goal and urges her to focus on it. They share a hug before parting ways.

Sachin stops the car and is shocked to see Sayali and Tejas’ picture on the wedding banner. He says she is the bride. She says goodbye, it was our last meeting, and I will get cash and you will get drama.

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