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Pandya Store 25th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Natasha evading Amba’s watchful eye. She approaches Dolly and invites her to share a pizza. As they indulge in their meal, Dolly takes the opportunity to apologize for falsely accusing Natasha. But Natasha quickly assures her that it’s not a big deal and suggests that they work together to challenge the restrictive rules everyone must abide by. Shortly after, Mittu and Shesh joined them for breakfast, and Shesh voiced his dislike for the Aloo gobi curry being served. Suman insists he must eat it while Mittu calls out to Chiku to join them. Amidst all this, Suman expresses her concern for Natasha, who isn’t answering her calls.

Mittu tells Chiku to sit, but he declines, stating that he is not hungry. Suman then offers the food she has prepared and encourages Chiku to eat. However, he refuses and instead says he will get food from elsewhere. Concerned, Suman questions why Chiku seems uninterested in being with them. She asks him what’s wrong, but he responds by asking who he is and how to explain to her. This triggers Amrish to remember the previous insult directed towards him. As Chirag enters their room to sleep, Amrish suggests he go elsewhere since their house is quite spacious. Suman expresses her joy at having him back but notices that there is still a distance between them. She asks why Chiku addresses her as “Koi nai” and urges him to share what has happened.

Chiku reminisces about a childhood memory before leaving a letter for Shweta and exiting the house. Upon seeing this, Natasha bursts into tears and calls out for Chiku. Suman scolds her, but Shesh quickly intervenes and asks her not to be harsh on Natasha. Despite being consoled by Suman, Natasha is still upset. She reminds her that she is unrelated to Chiku, like Shesh and Mittu. However, as Gautam and Dhara give her the Pandya store, Suman assures her that she is part of their family. Chiku watches with tears as Suman tells Natasha they are all one family now. The flashback ends at this point. Chiku remains silent and reminds Natasha to take care of herself, as the doctor has advised her to rest and eat well. Natasha then mentions the need to explain everything to the older members of the family. Suddenly, Dolly spots a snake entering the room and panics, alerting everyone else in the house.

Natasha seeks Dolly’s assistance, and Dolly inquires about her task. Dhawal arrives and inquires about the situation. Dolly expresses concern about the possibility of Natasha being bitten by a snake. Upon seeing the snake, Dhawal is taken aback and warns Natasha to stay still. Others also arrive at the scene and are shocked by the presence of a snake. Hetal urges Amba to act but worries about the potential consequences if something goes wrong. Amrish instructs Bhaven to call a snake charmer for help, and Amba advises Dhawal to avoid approaching the snake. However, Dhawal takes charge and asks for a towel and pillow.

Bhaven says the man isn’t responding. Amrish asks Dolly to come out. Chirag says she can’t come, and Mom tells her not to. Amrish says that was another reason I didn’t ask her to die. Amrish gets Dolly outside. Dhawal says stay calm, I’m here. Dolly hugs Chirag. Dhawal throws a pillow. The snake bites Natasha, and everyone is shocked.

As Dhawal rescues Natasha and embraces her, he quickly covers the snake with a cloth. Amba joins the scene with a candle, stating that it will surely scare the snake away. Following suit, Dhawal also scares off the snake. It exits through the window as Chiku sobs in fear. Overwhelmed by their near brush with danger, the family shares touching emotions. Chiku points out how strange yet beautiful their relationships are, while Suman wonders what she might have done to deserve such love. She expresses her affection for everyone and apologizes for any past misunderstandings. Amrish checks everyone’s well-being before Natasha turns to Dolly to ask if she is alright. A worried Dhawal immediately suggests calling an ambulance because he fears the snake may have bitten Dolly. However, Natasha clarifies that it was just a lipstick mark, much to everyone’s relief. As Dhawal embraces her, Amrish observes him and Chirag holding their respective wives tightly with joy and gratitude. Chirag tearfully confesses that he wouldn’t know what to do without his wife by his side, while Pranali beautifully states that love knows no boundaries within this home.


She runs to Natasha and asks if Golu has been kidnapped. Natasha says you have to dance to save Golu. Amrish appears.

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