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Suhaagan 12th June 2023 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Madan questioning Bindiya about her decision not to report to Sarpanch ji. Bindiya responds by recalling her father’s teachings; that victory cannot be achieved through yelling or fighting, but rather through silent hard work that will eventually make a loud impact. Dadi and Payal are concerned, with Payal recollecting the mistreatment they endured from Rekha and Phoolmati. She urges her parents to intervene, noticing her mother’s chain which gives her an idea. Madan then calls out to Phoolmati and suggests talking in private. Rekha insists on joining them, but Madan reminds them of Sarpanch’s watchful gaze.

After completing her work, Bindiya approaches the man for her wages. Initially, he hands her 100 Rs but then exchanges it for a 50 Rs note, stating that she only worked for half a day. Dissatisfied with the pay, Bindiya requests more work. Meanwhile, Madan confides in Phoolmati that Payal and Dadi are prone to worrying. He shares that he has been keeping an eye on Bindiya and noticed her loss of hope as she heads to the temple. On another night, Phoolmati observes Payal leaving and decides to trail her. She witnesses Payal mortgaging her mother’s chain for 1000 Rs and instructing the jeweller not to tell anyone. Seizing the opportunity, Phoolmati takes photos of Payal counting the money.

Indiya prays to Ambe Maa and asks her to tell her whether she was angry when she snatched her parents or caused Dadi’s condition to worsen. As I do not have much money, I couldn’t keep ghee and prasad of laddoos for you. She asks if you are angry with me. As she sings bhajan, she asks her to help her.

Madan is overjoyed upon receiving the photo from Phoolmati. She reassures him that they will use this evidence to prove their case to the Sarpanch and win. Rekha urges Madan to return home, where Bindiya will only receive blessings instead of tangible possessions. Madan, with a chuckle, expresses his belief that not even the mighty Ambe Maa can alter Bindiya’s fate. As he settles down amidst the oncoming storm, a woman dressed in vibrant red appears and warns him that he is headed in the wrong direction. Intrigued, Madan wonders about her identity until she reveals herself to be Ambe Maa. Bindiya is amazed when she encounters Ambe Maa outside the temple and greets her with surprise. Ambe Maa explains that Bindiya’s sincere devotion has called upon her for assistance. Grateful, Bindiya thanks her but doubts if anyone can truly help her now. Ambe Maa offers a helping hand and asks if she can be of any aid.

Payal informs Dadi that the problem has been resolved and assures her that she will provide an update once Bindiya arrives. However, upon reaching their destination, Ambe Maa explains to the host that the Bhajan Mandli will not be able to make it due to car troubles. She questions if he is willing to wait for their arrival or proceed without them. The host kindly declines, stating that he would not want a child to perform on his grandson’s special day. Ambe Maa then assures him that her voice will still reach the Goddess despite not being physically present. Bindiya attempts to sing but hesitates upon hearing her own voice loudly. Encouraged by Ambe Maa, she begins to sing bhajans. Just as they are getting lost in her melodious voice, the Bhajan Mandli finally arrives and are captivated by her singing, urging her to continue.”

She is praised by a Bhajan Mandli member. The guy gives her money and chunari. She says she needs it. He asks her to take it. Bindiya refuses. He tells her to think of it as Prasad from Mata Rani. Bindiya thanks him and says she needs it. She asks where is the Didi who came with me? He says she appears to be an angel to us. The girl keeps the extra money in front of Ambe Maa. By the end of the day, she had earned 600 rupees.

A Sarpanch tells Madan that Bindiya had earned more than 600 rupees. Madan asks him where this money came from. Madan shows him Payal’s photo and tells him Payal sold her Maa’s chain.

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