Suhaagan 16th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 16th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The scene opens with Bindiya preparing Paneer pakodas, determined to bring a smile back to Payal’s face. However, as Payal catches her reflection in the mirror, her expression changes. She considers slapping Bindiya for her actions, but worries about tarnishing her own image as the queen and losing her nickname of “moon without a stain”. Despite Bindiya’s constant attempts at outsmarting her, Payal refuses to give up. She recalls her father’s wise words about swings moving backward before moving forward again. Determined not to let Bindiya keep her in the shadows any longer, Payal is ready to take charge and put Bindiya in her place.

On her first Teej as Krish’s wife, she glances at his photo and decides to honor him by performing the puja as a married woman, not Bindiya. Upon entering the kitchen, Bindiya offers her help and Payal declines. As they almost collide, Bindiya mentions the possibility of Kheer spilling. Then when Payal goes to grab something from the fruit basket, Bindiya offers to cut it for her, but Payal insists on doing it herself and tells Bindiya to focus on her own tasks. Before leaving, she leaves her phone behind.

Indiya thanks Ambe Maa and says you have ended my tension about getting the number. Bindiya thinks where to write. She then begins writing the number on the kitchen slab with haldi. Payal arrives there and tells her not to touch her phone next time. As Bindiya tries to write the number, she thinks she may not be able to do so properly. She thinks I will make Pallu love me back.

Payal instructs the servant to summon Jiju to the terrace, informing him that Vikram is calling for him. With a knife in hand, she observes her surroundings. Meanwhile, Bindiya reveals to Indu that she has prepared everything. Surprised by her efficiency, Indu expresses gratitude and Bindiya assures her willingness to do anything for her pride and respect. Sakshi worries about someone catching Bindiya’s sneaky actions and ruining the taste of the food. Indu tells Bindiya to go get ready and wear her jewelry. Soon after, Mamta, an American friend of Indu’s, arrives and notices Bindiya heading inside the house. She approaches Indu and Sakshi, requesting them to have the servant make tea for her. Sakshi intervenes before Indu can reveal their relationship with Bindiya as her daughter-in-law and asks her to fetch tea instead.

Bindiya is injured and quickly retreats indoors. Indu receives a warm hug from Mamta, who exclaims it has been such a long wait. Indu expresses her joy at seeing her again. Sakshi addresses Mamta as “Mamta ji”. Mamta politely asks to be called “Aunty” instead. Sakshi compliments her on her looks. Mamta then turns her attention towards Indu, mentioning that she is upset with her for arranging Krish’s marriage without informing her. Indu explains that she knows Krish’s father well. Mamta inquires about the whereabouts of Krish’s wife, to which Sakshi responds by saying she is not at home due to wedding festivities. She promises to introduce them next time they meet. Mamta happily agrees to it.

Krish is coming to the terrace. Payal thinks how I will handle this? She thinks she needs to do this? Krish comes there and calls Vikram, thinking he called me, but he is missing himself. Seeing as she wants a lavish life, fulfills her dreams, and wants to marry her, Payal asks herself to do it. When she cuts her finger, Krish comes over and asks what she did? He says so much blood is flowing? She says she has to bear the pain.

“Payal pleads for him to leave her, explaining that she did not intentionally harm herself while cutting an apple. As he helps bandage her finger, Krish confesses that he thought she had attempted suicide again. Meanwhile, Bindiya feels neglected by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law for not being introduced to the guest, assuming their embarrassment. She looks at herself and realizes that she is not dressed or adorned appropriately. Payal expresses her willingness to endure any pain for Krish, but cannot stand to see him suffer. She reminds him of his responsibility towards Bindiya and urges him to show her love and care. Krish is torn between conflicting loyalties as he admits being caught in the middle. He questions why Bindiya should be punished for a mistake made by both of them.”

Payal smiles as Krish expresses his love for Bindiya, declaring himself as her husband. He tells Payal how she has divided him in two and she apologizes, claiming it was never her intention but rather fate. Krish then expresses his desire to change his destiny and marry Payal, wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. He hopes that somehow they will be united despite the odds. Payal takes hold of Krish’s hand and reminds him that in this lifetime, he belongs only to Bindiya. This angers Krish and he hits his hand against the wall in frustration. But Payal simply smiles and declares that she will still celebrate Teej.

Vikram doesn’t have time, so they don’t go anywhere, Sakshi tells Mamta. She praises the food taste and says one thing is missing, i.e. tea. Mamta asks who you are, and Bindiya responds that she is the house choti bahu. She comes ready in nice saree and jewellery, and says that this is your tea.


Mamta apologizes to Bindiya and hugs her. She tells Indu that she has changed and that people should not act so strongly that they forget their reality. Indu gets angry with Bindiya, and calls her burden on them. Krish listens. Bindiya cries.


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