Pandya Store 22nd July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with the lady saying I don’t want any fights, but happiness, why did you take a big loan from the bank, we fell into a big problem. I’m going to the bank tomorrow. She says I want good news about these kids, where are they? Natasha and Dhawal fight for the gun, and Arushi asks the man to shoot the arrow at Dhara. Dhara runs out. The lights go out, and Shiva says there’s something wrong.

Dhara asks the kids to leave the arrow, it’s not safe. Rishita calls the police. Dhara asks everyone to just come, it’s not safe. Dev asks what happened. Chiku says he will play with his siblings tomorrow. Shweta says yes, but he asks her not to leave for Dubai. She says I have to, I promise, I’ll make video calls every day.

A man asks for ice cream and chocolates. She says I’ll order them. There are lights on. Deven becomes drunk. He asks everyone to dance. Inspector sees Deven dancing. He says I’ll arrest you. Deven says Pandyas called the police because they did not like Kajal. Hardik defends Dev. Deven sees Pandyas leave. He sees a lady and says Dhara, but you’re not real Dhara, where is she. Kajal says my marriage… and tears. Hardik says let our wedding happen in front of him, and Inspector agrees.

He apologizes to Kajal. Dhara and everyone worry. Prerna says we booked the tickets, Krish was in a hurry. Krish asks what. Prerna says we can’t stay in our house now. Raavi and Rishita say we lost our Pandya house. Dhara says I begged you not to break the house, and now you are crying after selling it. Shiva says I will get the man to return our house. Suman says everyone is the same, so now solve this problem.

Prerna says we will make a new house. Gautam says we will buy a new house. Chiku remembers Dhara and Shweta. He hugs her. Gautam says we have money, we will buy a new house.

Rishita says everyone should have their own bathroom this time. Dhara says make anything you like, but stay together under one roof. They all say they cannot live without each other. Yaadon ki baraat plays… They all smile and hug each other.

Chiku thanks Shweta. Shweta says we are together because of Dhara, she gave you good values. Gautam says I need to go to the bank for loan formalities. They say we’ll come along. The problem has finally been resolved. Dhara says yes, don’t get so adamant about going to Canada, he promises. I have two mothers, my Shweta and Dhara, my Devki and Yashoda, both very important to me.

Shweta embraces him, while Krish shares pictures of the house with Prerna. Overcome with emotion, she expresses her guilt and blames herself. Krish reassures her, urging her to let go of any thoughts of separation and make amends by reuniting with the family. After making a promise, she affirms her determination to emulate Dhara’s virtues. As he sings “Tu hai to mujhe phir,” they share a smile. Shweta pledges to visit when summoned, and Chiku promises to be a good boy before falling asleep. Praying for Chiku to reunite with his beloved Dhara Maa, she tucks him in bed.


It is grown up Natasha who handles the Pandya store. Suman sees her grandsons playing mobile games. She smiles when she sees Natasha.


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