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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dhawal laughing. He says you know those kidnappers, that means you’ve supported Bansi, tell me, you made us sign the papers so we didn’t read them. He cries and says you kidnapped us so we wouldn’t stop the demolition of the Pandya store. The audience is stunned. Dhawal says wow… What a master plan. He claps for Amrish. Amrish shouts yes, Dhawal, I have done everything. Everyone stares in amazement.

Amrish affirms his plans, asking Dhawal what the next step is. Dhawal sits, stunned. He believes Amrish should have deceived him to spare his feelings. Dolly departs with Bansi. Dhawal questions Amrish’s motives. Amba urges Dhawal to consider his words carefully. Bansi exits as well. A heated argument between Dhawal and Amrish ensues. Accusing Amrish of using him and attacking Natasha, Dhawal explains how he always believed in Amrish and doubted Natasha, but now he sees things differently. Amba grows increasingly angry at their bickering. In response, Amrish challenges Dhawal to reflect on what was genuinely hidden from him, pointing out that he knew that the marriage was a strategic move for the Pandya store. This revelation takes aback Isha.

Tell me what you didn’t know, Amrish says. I am thankful that I married Natasha because of you, but it is also because of her that I learned the difference between right and wrong, according to Dhawal. The Pandya store has raised the family like a mother; her souls live there, and you have taken that store today and made her an orphan again. It doesn’t matter what happened with the Pandyas today, if anything happens to Suman, who will be liable for that?

The family, including Suman, is overwhelmed with emotions at the thought of the Pandya store. However, Amrish expresses his concerns and burdens. He reminds Amba that they cannot ignore the current situation – Amrish is under a lot of stress and facing financial difficulties. They have a huge debt, and time is running out. Natasha promised to transfer ownership of the Pandya store once Suman recovered, but how long can they hold on? Ultimately, their livelihood is at stake, and Amrish asks Bhaven to share the financial details with Dhawal for further review. Emotions aside, Amrish must do what is necessary to avoid legal troubles and a potential loss of income for his family.

Dhawal agrees you are correct, but I believe it stems from your emotions rather than logic. I thought you should acquire Pandya store, but not in this manner. Natasha excels in her studies of commerce more than I do. It would be best if you had communicated this to me. Then, she would not have seen you as guilty. Ultimately, we both come from the same family, and I understand why you took such measures to protect them. Suman expresses regret and talks to her sons, urging them to forgive Chutki as she may have been compelled to act that way. However, Shesh believes otherwise and accuses her of deliberately causing harm. Suman intervenes and insists they end this argument and instead get the necessary items for the store. Meanwhile, Natasha is currently hospitalized.

Amrish has said that my heart has turned to stone to elevate our family to this level. How did we achieve this level of respect and luxury? How did you find peace in your sleep? I constantly think about our family, relationships, and business, which causes me stress. However, I have made sure that no tension reaches any of you. I do not seek credit for the success of our family; they are my everything. I will go to great lengths to protect them from harm. Even if the world calls me a criminal, it does not matter as long as my family is safe. After our father passed away, Dhawal acknowledges how you have taken care of us like a father figure. If you choose a path of wrongdoing, I will choose a path of repentance. I cannot bear to see Natasha suffer. Upon hearing their conversation, Amrish becomes angry and walks away. Amba steps in and proclaims that she will fulfill the tasks he left unfinished. She then slaps Dhawal for his words before he expresses his guilt or remorse further.

She asks how did you forget how he has raised you, he has kept you hungry and fed you, he slept on the ground and made you sleep on the bed, he has always fulfilled your wish, and you are fighting with him for Natasha like a criminal. Noor-e-khuda plays… as she cries and scolds him. Isha holds Amba. Dhawal sits crying for Natasha.


As Natasha packs her bags, Amba tells her to do one last thing before she leaves. Amrish says you can’t separate him from his brother. Dhawal tells Natasha it is a divorce file. She is shocked.

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