Maati Se Bandhi Dor 7th June 2024 Written Episode Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 7th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

According to Vasundhara, I know my son well, a life partner should be right for the person, Vaiju is right for Ranvijay, and I do not care if you all respect my decision. As his father, I also have an equal right to Ranvijay, and I won’t let you ruin his life.

Vasundhara comes to Vaiju’s field and cuts the harvest. Vaiju recalls Ranvijay’s words and smiles. She says that your saree will spoil if you don’t cut the harvest.

Vasundhara, like you, I am also a farmer. Could you please ask Shambu Kaka to bring the gift? This is for you, and I genuinely appreciate your maturity. Vaiju, would you mind having a conversation with me? It’s important. I have a proposal to combine our one acre and our 100 acres. However, if you are still hesitant about giving up your field, please don’t feel obliged to accept the gift. I intend not to acquire your land but to bring our families together. Would you consider becoming my daughter-in-law and Ranvijay’s life partner? What do you say? The unexpected proposal took away Vaiju.

Vaiju expresses confusion over Vasundhara’s desire for her to become her daughter-in-law. In response, Vasundhara clarifies that she has been seeking a suitable match for her son, Ranvijay, and believes that Vaiju fits the bill perfectly as she embodies the characteristics of both Annapurna and Durga. As Vasundhara wipes away Vaiju’s tears, Vaiju questions whether Vasundhara has discussed this with Ranvijay, as she fears he may disapprove of her. However, Vasundhara assures her that Ranvijay shares the same values and beliefs as them despite having studied in the city. She reminds Vaiju that Ranvijay loves his mother dearly and even scolded her for her initial hesitation towards the proposal. While Vaiju understands this, she still doubts that such a union will occur.

It occurs to Vasundhara to ask Ranvijay about the matter. Jaya calls Vaiju and tells him about her boyfriend. Vaiju asks who he is and what he does. You take his test, and I’m sure you’ll like him. Don’t tell anyone at home; I’d like you and his mom to agree first. Vaiju says I’m happy for you. Jaya tells her he’s a nice guy. She asks about the picture guy. Vaiju says I’ll talk to you later. Jaya thinks about talking to Kaveri.

In the kitchen, Vasundhara cooks the food. Ranvijay asks what she is cooking. She says your favorite sheera. He asks why you make this when you make me do something challenging. She says you’re my smart child, so have the sheera. She feeds him the sheera and asks if he likes Vaiju. Vaiju comes home and talks to her Aai. Ranvijay asks what you think. Vasundhara says Vaiju is the right partner for you.

Aai asks what. Vasundhara wants you to be her bahu. Are you in your senses? Kaveri gets happy for Vaiju. Vaiju says I refused them. Aai says she did right; why say yes? There’s no hope for this time; I know this relationship cannot happen. Vaiju says there is no way I can marry Vaiju. Ranvijay says I can’t marry Vaiju. Vasundhara asks why you can’t forgive her; she returns her complaint. Vaiju praises her and asks him to meet her.

During her conversation with Vaiju, Kaveri says, “Don’t be afraid to say yes to Vasundhara.” Ranvijay says it cannot happen; he knows how I feel about his life partner. He thinks of Jaya and describes her. Aai drinks and talks to her husband’s photo. He says I do not have a place for Vaiju in my heart, and I won’t have a place for her in my home. Vasundhara’s words make Ranvijay angry.


He meets Vaiju. She makes him tea. She asks if he will accept her. Ranvijay is shocked to see Jaya.

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