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The Episode starts with Ranbir drinking the tea from the same side as Prachi, and says it has become perfect and sweet. Prachi hits him. Ranbir says it is domestic violence and she shall not beat her husband. Prachi says her husband’s ways are like that. He asks how can I stay without you. She asks how you have lived so far. He says he has an idea and goes out. Afterward, he tells everyone that he has something he wants to share.

The wedding mahurat is the day after tomorrow, Ranbir says. Vikram asks if everything is fine. Ranbir says yes. He says Pandit ji called me a while back and said it was okay. Everyone is happy. Akshay looks upset. Khushi comes there and gets happy hearing this, and asks Ranbir to get glittery clothes for her and says she will apply lipstick and asks Prachi. Manpreet says nobody will stop you. Khushi gets happy.

Mihika becomes upset, feeling as though she made a promise and is now going back on it. Akshay then shares that Prachi is getting married to Ranbir, which he didn’t expect would bring about such significant changes. He mentions that there is a slight issue – they all know it will be difficult to secure a venue in such a short timeframe, so perhaps they should aim for a date 10-15 days from now after the venue has been secured. Ashok suggests simplifying matters by having the wedding at home, to which Vikram agrees. Ranbir offers to take care of everyone’s attire, but Pallavi reminds him of the weight of this responsibility.

Dida says we will have the marriage at this mahurat and we won’t be late for the auspicious occasion. Vikram says yes. Pallavi says it will happen tomorrow. Ranbir asks Akshay if he has regrets or complains, and says they’ll have sweets. Prachi and Ranbir are served sweets by Akshay, but when Ranbir offers him sweets, he ignores them and goes on to give Ashok sweets.

Mihika approaches Akshay, requesting him to wear the clothes for Ranbir and Prachi’s wedding. She reminds him that he was responsible for distributing sweets to everyone. Akshay takes the clothes from her and instructs her to leave immediately. Mihika then questions how would he feel if Prachi and Ranbir are together and they have a child, and what would that child call him, mama. Vishaka intervenes and asks why she is purposely provoking him. Mihika accuses Akshay of being an inadequate husband and urges him to at least act like a man. As she leaves, she plants a seed of anger in Akshay’s heart, causing his frustration to escalate.

Ranbir and Prachi talk on the phone later. Prachi asks why a guy would call me. Ranbir says it’s the guy who loves her. Prachi says she doesn’t know him. Ranbir says I’ll make him love someone else. Prachi becomes angry and says tell every girl you’re mine. He tells her the tigress is awakened. Prachi says that she knows he doesn’t love anyone and speaks nicely to the girl to make me jealous. He asks Prachi if she misses him. Prachi says no.

He believes that if he can convey to you how much I long for your presence, then you will reveal the truth. He knocks on her window and she greets him. He expresses that he has been missing her and provides evidence of it. Prachi reciprocates by saying she too has missed him tremendously. Ranbir urges her not to miss him any further, promising to come to her house on horseback. He shares that he was thinking about her and even looked at her photo, but ultimately decided to visit in person for inner peace. Prachi playfully remarks that he is being poetic. Ranbir reveals that he has something to tell her and affectionately kisses her cheek before departing with a smile. Prachi continues smiling as Ranbir leaves while “Chal tere ishq me” fills the air.

Akshay is sitting in Khushi’s room when she wakes up. She asks if someone scolded you and asks why you are crying? Akshay says your Ranbir Papa is taking me away from you. Khushi says you are sad here, and Mihika is also sad. She says only Ranbir Papa and Mamma are getting married. Akshay tells them that they are all scared of Ranbir, and he is using Prachi and manipulating her. Khushi says it’s not like that, I wanted them to marry.

Akshay expresses frustration that nobody understands, but praises Ranbir’s intelligence. He then shares how much he loves Khushi and doesn’t want her to leave. Despite Ranbir abandoning her at an orphanage, Akshay brought her to live with him and sent her to study in London. He admits that if she had been born there, he wouldn’t have let her go. Akshay reassures Khushi of his love and emphasizes that he is not like her biological father, Ranbir. In response, Khushi also declares her love for Akshay. Finally, Akshay asks for a promise from Khushi to always love him, to which she agrees. He lovingly reminds her that he is her father and suggests she go to bed and sleep as a good girl.

After arriving at Prachi’s room, he looks at her as she is sleeping. Prachi opens her eyes, looks at him and closes them. In realizing that Akshay was in her room, Prachi gets out of bed and gets up. Akshay sees her going to his room and runs into it through the window, pretending to sleep. Prachi switches on the lights and sees her. Akshay gets up and asks Prachi what happened.

Prachi asks if you haven’t slept yet. He says he has a headache and asks her to massage his head. He then says he’ll ask his mother. Prachi says she will bring oil. She brings oil, massages his head with it. Bakasur, etc, are played. He remembers their moments. Akshay thinks I have a right to her and won’t let her go. Prachi asks if he’s feeling better? Akshay answers yes. Prachi asks him to go. He says he’s just kidding and asks him to sleep.

Pallavi informs Ranbir that according to Pandit ji, 4 days hold significance for him. She reveals that Pandit ji did not disclose this mahurat earlier as he did not have Ranbir’s contact information. Ranbir expresses his desire for Prachi to arrive quickly and shares that he does not want her to remain at the Tandon house. He struggles to articulate his emotions and implores Pallavi to allow him to marry Prachi. Comfortingly, Pallavi reassures him that they will proceed with their plans as usual. Suddenly, Ranbir interrupts her and addresses her as “Mummy.” Expressing his gratitude, he explains that it was crucial for him to make this decision. Overwhelmed with emotion, Pallavi assures him that nothing is more important than his happiness and promises to always support him.

Next day, Pallavi and Dida come to Tandon house and greet each other. Prachi gives them water. Pallavi gives her shagun, the bridal clothes. Prachi asks why it was necessary. Vishaka replies that it was necessary, you will wear it at the wedding. Prachi says okay. Mihika becomes angry.

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