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Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shakti attempts to calm down Shiv, but he becomes agitated and begins to hit the walls of the cell. Concerned, Shakti questions what may be causing him distress and urges him to calm down, but he continues to wreak havoc. Meanwhile, Mandira confides in Ragunath about their attacker possibly being exposed by Shakti. Shakti once again asks Nandu about Shiv’s behavior, to which Ragunath angrily responds that it is because of her that his son is in trouble. Feeling guilty, Shakti apologizes and promises to help get Shiv out of jail. However, Ragunath doubts her ability to do so given their previous failure. While Mandira worries about Shakti uncovering Shiv’s panic attacks and plots to get rid of her presence.

Upon entering Shakti’s room, Manorama assumed that she was sleeping underneath the bed. Determined to discuss important matters, she was interrupted by Rimjhim who suggested letting Shakti rest. Despite her suspicions, Manorama reluctantly agreed to let her sleep. However, upon realizing that Shakti was not in her bed but instead pillows were placed under the blanket, Manorama became suspicious of her family’s actions and noticed that the red colors at the gate had disappeared. She wondered about Dr. Shiv and questioned who he was as she glared at her family and looked around the room.

When Mandira tells Shakti that she can’t do anything, Ragunath asks her to leave, but Shakti says there has to be a miracle for Shiv to be freed. Mandira believes Shakti is stubborn.

Dadi accuses Gayatri of destroying Shiv’s life and having blood on her hands. Overcome with emotion, Gayatri pleads to be allowed to leave for Shiv. However, Dadi reminds her that leaving could risk their secret being revealed. Despite this, Gayatri still begs for permission as she knows Shiv needs her. In a stern tone, Dadi warns that if she leaves, she can never return and will be thrown out of the house forever. Heartbroken, Gayatri halts her plans and breaks down while Dadi exits the room. In despair, Gayatri punishes herself and weeps.

The servant delivers Shiv’s medication to the police station and runs into Shakti. However, before she catches sight of the drugs, Mandira quickly takes them and conceals them. Shakti leaves shortly afterwards. Nandu attempts to give the medication to Shiv, but the inspector intervenes, insisting that he did not receive permission to do so. Mandira clarifies that they are indeed Shiv’s prescribed drugs, but the inspector doubts his need for them since he appears fine. Ragunath pleads with the inspector to allow Shiv to take his medicine. Suddenly, the minister arrives and states that he will not permit Shiv to receive his medication as he did not award a scholarship to his daughter. Despite being on the same team, Mandira insists that Shiv requires his medicine urgently. The minister remains adamant and threatens Shiv for jeopardizing his daughter’s education, prompting Shiv to shout back in defense.

Chacha tells Manorama that Shakti did not remove your line, it was swept away by the wind. Shakti helps everyone, and that guy helped her. Manorama says Shiv’s sister taunted us so much that she went there. Shiv’s family must be hurting her so much, they must be blaming her for Shiv’s imprisonment. You people cannot comprehend that I’m protecting Shakti. She asks Dharam to take her to the police station. She goes with him, Rimjhim and Chacha follow behind them.

Shiv shouts that this is wrong, so he starts hitting the cell. The inspector says we will teach him a lesson. The minister tells the inspector to beat Shiv so he can’t walk again. Ragunath tries to stop him, but the officers grab him. The inspector smirks and takes the stick. Mandira says this is wrong, she believes Shiv won’t spare him. She holds Shiv’s stick while the inspector is about to strike him. All watch.

Shakti says don’t you dare hit him. The inspector says you’re back? I won’t spare you, you’ll be punished for him. Another officer is about to hit her but Shakti says you’re misusing your authority, you all know the truth, and you put him in jail with injustice. She brings people from her society there. The inspector asks who are these people? Shakti says they’re eyewitnesses. They all come there, and Shakti says I have an entire force of civilians behind me.

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