Shiv Shakti (Zee) 29th July 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 29th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

For her dream, Manorama shouts at Shakti that she took away their honor. After praying in the mandir for Shakti’s safety, Shiv leaves the house.

Shakti sobs as she denies any wrongdoing to Manorama. Chacha arrives, visibly shaken. Manorama asks for an explanation, and he recounts the hurtful words spoken against him by others. He adds that he was told he could not be a priest if he couldn’t control his daughters. Shakti implores for forgiveness at his feet while crying. Chacha reassures her that she is innocent. Rimjhim suggests launching a social media campaign to clear Shakti’s name. However, Manorama points out the evidence against Shakti cannot be ignored and laments the struggles they face due to her wild ambitions. The atmosphere changes when Dharam returns home, badly beaten. The family is taken aback by the sight.

As Shiv gets Shakti’s address, he says I hope she is doing well.

Using us, she wanted to be a doctor and thought she could fight with me. Mandira tells Padma that this girl can’t show her face anymore. As a result of your efforts, Padma says she is now up to her standard, and you have destroyed her. Mandira says Shiv keeps protecting this girl, so how dare he raise his voice against me? I won’t spare him, I’ll silence him forever. Padma asks you what are your plans now? Mandira calls Mr. Mehta and says you know what you need to do now since you saw the news.

“Manorama rushes over to Dharam, concerned for his well-being. The flashback reveals a group of goons harassing him, using his sister as leverage for her company. Despite Dharam’s attempts to defend himself, he was outnumbered and beaten. The flashback concludes. Shakti tries to approach him, but Manorama pushes her away and blames her for the situation. She even suggests that they should be killed. However, Rimjhim intervenes and defends Shakti, stating that she was not at fault and had informed them of everything beforehand. Manorama responds by saying that all respect has been lost and questions how Shakti can suggest not overreacting when they have suffered such a loss. She also adds that Shakti may never get married because of this.”

When Keertan reads the news, Koyal tells him that he told him not to trust this girl, because she is a cheap girl who will do anything for money. Keertan is angry and says he can’t believe he has to compete with Shiva again.

Manorama expresses her love for Shakti, stating that she had always wanted to care for him like a mother. However, their bond has suffered due to his actions. Shakti pleads with her not to say such things. Manorama reminds him that she had warned him about the consequences of his actions. She pushes him away and exclaims that they are in a dire situation. Chacha chimes in, defending Shakti’s character but becomes nervous and struggles to breathe. Shakti offers his inhaler but it is empty, leaving everyone shocked as there is no replacement available. Shakti attempts to help Chacha in any way he can.

I will show Shakti my bad side now, Keertan says in the car.

Shakti tries to treat Chacha and says I will make everything right. Dharam attempts to go out to get an inhaler, but Chacha says you cannot. She says I will go then, Manorama says I cannot let you go. Shakti says I don’t care about others, I have to save Chacha, so trust me. She leaves the house.

Shiv is going to Shakti’s house and tells her to be strong in the midst of all this taunting.

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