Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th July

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th July 2023 on

The Episode begins with Mahima proposing to cut the welcome cake. Upon seeing the smashed cake, the others inquire about the culprit. Parth reprimands Shivansh’s friends, causing Shefali to point out his harshness towards the children. He explains that the cake was meant for his son. Anand suggests getting a replacement while Abhimanyu tries to diffuse the situation. Meanwhile, Mahima notices cake cream on Abhir’s shirt and questions him about it. Nishta takes the kids away, and Mahima confronts Abhir about the mess on his sleeve. Manjiri intervenes and defends Abhir, reminding Mahima that it was just a cake and not something he did intentionally – there’s no need for a big scene over it.

It may not be necessary for me to stay here in this house, since Abhir replaced me, he doesn’t like me. Abhimanyu says no, I’ll talk to him. Parth says he doesn’t think so. Abhimanyu asks Abhir to apologize. Manjiri says it happened by mistake. Abhimanyu says even then he can say sorry. Abhir says he won’t. Abhimanyu says he is your elder brother, so if it happened by mistake, it’s okay to say sorry. Abhir runs upstairs. Mahima and Manjiri argue.

Abhimanyu, Anand, and Mahima urge them to stop fighting. Instead of arguing, Abhimanyu speaks to Abhir at the request of Mahima. Remembering Shivansh’s advice, Abhir becomes agitated. However, Abhimanyu intervenes by grasping his hand and reminds him that their anger only causes harm. He sympathizes with him, acknowledging that it is difficult for him and asks if he is excited to see his mumma tomorrow since it’s the weekend. Akshara notices the time and smiles as her alarm goes off at 4am. She exclaims “good morning” enthusiastically. Abhinav responds by saying it’s not morning yet, but Akshara informs him that they have to take Abhir to Jaipur. Despite his reluctance to wake up, she insists because she knows how excited Abhir must be to see them. Eventually, they all get ready and pack their bags for the trip.

He says mum and dad will be excited too. Abhinav and Akshara make arrangements. Manish and Kairav smile. Manish blesses Akshara. Shivansh says Abhir, you won’t look smarter than me. Aarohi asks are you excited to meet your mother and father. Shivansh says Abhimanyu is his father, where is his mother. According to Aarohi, Akshara and Abhinav are his parents, and Akshara stays at the Goenka house. Ruhi says I will join you next time around.

It is Abhir who asks Abhimanyu when he will take me there. Abhimanyu replies yes, we are coming, I know you are taking him to Jaipur, okay bye. He drops the phone. He keeps it aside. The call is still in progress. Manjiri says I don’t find this right, Akshara is taking Abhir out of Udaipur, if he doesn’t want to come back then. He assures her that her heart is not connected to us, and Akshara and Abhinav hear her.

Manjiri remarks that Akshara frequently spends time with Abhimanyu. While Abhimanyu acknowledges the difficulty they are facing in regards to court orders, he reminds them that they are still Abhir’s parents and it is their responsibility to ensure his well-being. Despite not being physically present, Abhinav praises Abhimanyu for being a good father and assures that he will not take away their rights. Aarohi interrupts the conversation as she is on a work call and urges Abhimanyu to hurry up. He explains that he needs to drop off Abhir at the Goenka house. Manjiri offers to drop him off instead, but Abhimanyu declines and bids farewell to Abhir, reminding him to have fun. As he leaves, Ruhi suggests she sits between Shivansh and Abhir to avoid any arguments or fights.

Manjiri invites Abhir to have kachoris and offers to drive him. She then asks if she can also take Ruhi and Shivu with them. Mahima decides to join as well. Anand playfully expresses his jealousy, while Manish suggests calling Agarwal in case of any trouble since he has moved to Jaipur. Kairav agrees to come along if there are any problems. Dadi reassures everyone that everything will be okay despite the heavy rain. Surekha adds her doubts about their plans succeeding, but Muskaan interrupts with some good news. Dadi congratulates her and remarks on her quick progress, which surprises Surekha who thought they would wait before having children.

Muskaan receives a promotion, prompting congratulations from everyone. Akshara wonders why Abhir isn’t here. Meanwhile, Abhir asks Ruhi when they will leave, and she replies that it will only be a little while longer. Mahima offers Shivu to buy anything he wants, and Manjiri adds that Abhir is welcome to shop as well. However, he insists on going straight to his parents’ house. Mahima suggests dropping Abhir off at the Goenka house before taking Shivu to the new bakery. However, their plans are disrupted by the news that the bridge has collapsed and the area is flooded. The man also warns them not to take any chances with children in tow. Manjiri considers calling Akshara but worries that she might think she’s lying, recalling her earlier words. Ruhi questions how they will drop off Abhir, considering their family would be waiting for him. Shivu reminds them that they wouldn’t even remember him anyway, which angers Abhir.


Akshara argues with Abhimanyu and Manjiri. Abhimanyu says he doesn’t want his son to become like you, who runs from every problem and loses before fighting. She visits Abhir’s school and meets him.

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