Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 19th March 2023

Anubhav and Akshara are waiting in the car.  Abhinav says that Muskaan has told him that they only need to fill in a form after which he can write the exam for her. 

Akshara notices a bag in the car.  Abhinav says a passenger left it and he will deposit it in the tourism later as now her exams are more important.

Abhinav and Akshara spend a few moments together and share their feelings.  Abhinav says he feels always that he has come between Abhimanyu and her.  He leaves her in the car and goes to check the form.  As soon as he goes Akshara bursts into tears.  She tells herself that Abhinav was her best friend for six years and she wants her friend back.  She regrets going to Udaipur.  She says she risked her best relationship by going to Udaipur.

Manish tells Surekha that he called Aarohi but she was busy.  They wonder if Akshara and Abhimanyu are the reason for Aarohi cancelling the engagement.

Roohi complains to Abhimanyu that Aarohi is shouting at her since morning.  Roohi hit a boy in school because the boy called her a liar and her parents are not getting married.  Abhimanyu explains to her that she has done wrong and should say sorry.  Roohi refuses saying that they are not saying sorry for not getting married so why should she?  Roohi and Aarohi end up arguing and in the end, Abhimanyu picks up Roohi and walks away. 

Mahima explains to Aarohi that Roohi is just a kid.  When adults cannot understand what is going on how can a kid?  She suggests that they should send Roohi to the hostel as the atmosphere at home is not normal and they don’t know if it can ever get normal.  Abhimanyu is shocked hearing this and tells Aarohi that she should not even think about it.  They cannot send Roohi to a hostel.  Roohi needs attention and sending her to a hostel is not a solution.  Aarohi asks him to calm down and she is not sending Roohi anywhere just now. 

Abhinav goes to Roohi’s room while she is sleeping. He thinks that he would have broken down if not for Roohi. She prevented him from breaking and he could not prevent her from breaking. He prays that Roohi is not punished for his wrong decisions.

Akshara watches Abhinav and Abhir sleeping together.  She thinks that when she needed confidence Abhinav was at her side.  Now he needs her and she is not able to support him. She prays that the wall that is between them breaks.  She wants her old Abhinav back. 

Abhir gives Akshara curds before she leaves for her exams.  Abhinav has not got permission to write the exams.

Manish shouts at Aarohi when he is told that she is sending him to the hostel.  She explains that kids can grow properly only at home.  She is too small to be sent to the hostel.   The entire Goenka family ask her not to send Roohi to the hostel.  Aarohi explains that Roohi is suffering because of all that is happening around and she is becoming stubborn now.  She wants to send her away from all the questions and problems.

Kairav says this alliance is wrong.  Aarohi staying in the Birla house is wrong.  Aarohi says she made a mistake by talking to them.  She angrily walks away.

Muskaan tells Kairav if he wants to help his sister he should help her and not get angry on her.  She gives him a glass of water and asks him to cool down.

Neelima and Abhir to with Akshara and Abhinav for her exams. 


Abhimanyu reaches Parth’s room just in time to see him hitting Shefali.  Abhimanyu catches Parth by the collar.

Akshara gets a call that Abhinav has been arrested.  When she reaches the police station the cop tells her to get proof that the bag found is not his.  Akshara promises him that she will get proof and get her husband released

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