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Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Manorama applies black ash to Ranjan’s face and says that you deserve it only. Shiv shows him his face on the phone, and Ranjan is embarrassed. Ranjan’s mother says this is wrong. Manorama thinks you should have controlled your son beforehand. She tells his father that he should be ashamed of his son and that I arranged the wedding of my daughter with him without knowing anything about him.

We gave you so much respect from our family, but what did you do in return? You lied to them, and you lied to even your family. I can never accept lies. A police inspector arrives and thanks Shiv for calling the police. The media comes and takes pictures of Ranjan. Shiv says he tried to marry Shakti forcefully, but he already has a wife, so it’s illegal. I’ll hire a lawyer for him.

In response to Ranjan’s arrest, his family and the goons are taken away. He tells Shakti he won’t spare them. Rimjhim is not pure—she fled her house before her wedding. The inspector takes him away. The guests gossip that no one will marry Shakti as she is left at the altar. Things keep happening in their house. Who will marry their daughters after all the drama?

As a result, Manorama is hurt. She says, “I didn’t want that. I was silent because I wanted Rimjhim to get married. I lost the trust of my daughters, and I lost everything.” Shakti says you won the day and gave Rimjhim the strength to run away. She tells the guests to stop blaming the girls when the groom doesn’t even deserve Rimjhim. It was Rimjhim who left him, and it’s okay if Manorama chooses Rimjhim because it means they don’t deserve her.

According to Shakti, Rimjhim fled to seek assistance and aided in locating Ranjan’s spouse. Rimjhim played a significant role. The media representative questioned if she was afraid when she ran away. She is praised as an inspiration. Shakti encourages her to take the spotlight as it is well-deserved. In her interview, Rimjhim reveals that she realized Ranjan was not worthy of her, so she abandoned him at the altar and discovered his existing marriage. Then, I brought his wife here. Payal expresses gratitude towards Shiv and Shakti. Shiv reminds his son to look after himself before they depart.

Shakti and Shiv both dislike taking the spotlight. Shakti watches Rimjhim giving an interview and says she likes it, and I know she will gain many followers now. I’m happy for her. She thanks him for bringing her sister back. Shiv says she’s on social media. Shakti says she’s a significant influencer. People use her hashtag and coupon. Shiv asks what about your coupon? She replies, “No.” Your coupon works on me, he says. If they take your name, they can make me do anything.

Shakti’s cheeks turn pink as she hears Shiv’s words. “I am your follower now,” Shiv declares, causing both of them to smile. Meanwhile, Rimjhim continues to boast about exposing Ranjan to the media. Taking a cue from Shiv, Shakti reminds him that he promised to protect her from harm. She adds that as long as they are together, nothing can go wrong, but they must also address the issues of the past. Overhearing this conversation, Dadi tells Ragunath that the divine blessed their bond. Agreeing with her, Ragunath asks if it is the right time to act. Dadi affirms and suggests they talk to Chacha about uniting Shiv and Shakti soon. However, Mandira fears this plan and resolves to stop it from happening.

After Manorama expresses her gratitude, the guests depart. Meanwhile, Raghunath and Dadi make their way to Chacha’s location. Realizing she needs to intervene, Shakti approaches Mandira. Dadi then reveals her intention of requesting Chacha. Shakti confronts Mandira about questioning her, while Shiv inquires about the situation. Refusing to let any wrongdoing occur, Shakti explains her plan to expose the mastermind behind Ranjan’s planting. This surprises and shocks Mandira as she is confident that Shiv’s trust in her prevents Shakti from interrogating her. However, Shakti asks Shiv if he trusts Mandira, and he testifies his faith in her above all others, leaving Mandira bewildered. Meanwhile, Dadi and Raghunath are pleased with the development. Shakti continues questioning Mandira about Ranjan’s actions during the ceremony and how she was present when he locked Shiv in a room. She also points out Ranjan’s previous employment at Mandira’s factory and questions why she couldn’t discern his deceitful nature or, worse, if she attempted to conceal his true identity.

Shakti says the biggest enemy is the person you trust the most. This Mandira is your greatest enemy. Her love and care are false. Everyone is stunned. Shiv says don’t forget that she is my Chachi. Why would she do that? She printed our picture in the newspaper, sent Shiv to jail, and provoked that minister against you. She says don’t forget that she is my Chachi, why would she do that?

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