Shiv Shakti (Zee) 9th October 2023 Written Episode: Shakti’s Accusations Shake the Family!

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 9th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Hakki calls the videographer and asks him to show the recording. Shiv goes to the storeroom, and Ranjan locks him up in the video. Mandira gets scared that she might be exposed. The video does not catch Mandira pushing him into the room. Shakti shows everyone the video and says Ranjan locked him up there. Raghunath grabs Ranjan and thinks you will be hanged now. Keertan starts acting and shouting at Ranjan.

Shakti says he tried to electrocute Shiv; there was water and a live wire in the room, and it proves he tried to kill Shiv. Ranjan’s sister says you do not have proof. Shakti says let’s go into the room and find out. Shakti takes Mandira aside and says they will find out what you brought in the box if Shakti takes everyone to the room.

Shakti brings everyone to the storeroom but can’t find the live wire. Ranjan’s brother says there’s no live wire here, which confuses Shakti. Ranjan’s mother says the water has leaked from the pipe. In the flashback, Mandira tells Ranjan’s brother to clean up the room. He cleans up the lizards and removes the live wire. The flashback ends. Ranjan says there is no evidence.

Shakti asks, “Why did he lock up Shiv here?” Ranjan responds, “Yes, I locked up Shiv to protect myself and my in-laws’ honor.” He explains that Shiv had physically assaulted him and his brother-in-law. When Raghunath questions why Shiv would do such a thing, Ranjan reveals, “Because I caught Shiv and Shakti together.” Shakti interrupts with a dismissive comment, but Ranjan continues, insisting that they are having an affair. He caught them in the act and tried to intervene, but Shiv attacked him. However, fearing their reputation, he chose not to speak up and locked Shiv up. Otherwise…(he trails off).

Dharam shouts enough. Don’t dare say anything about Shakti. Chacha shouts how dare you? Dharam is about to beat him up, but Manorama stops them and says Ranjan is right. Shakti is shocked. Manorama says he is right, and I am the witness. Shakti says what are you saying? I didn’t do anything. The eyes can’t lie, Manorama explains, and Mandira smirks at this. Mandira says, “You didn’t leave me a choice.”. Chacha tells Manorama to stop.

She said I warned Shakti, but she didn’t listen. I thought they would stop, but they didn’t. I told her not to go near Shiv, but she didn’t. Didn’t you see them together doing pooja and going to a function? They didn’t listen, and then I saw them together in the room during haldi. Shakti replies, “But that.” Manorama asks, “Were you with Shiv or not?” Shakti nods. She says what you saw was wrong. Ranjan is framing me, and he harassed me.

Manorama pleads with Chacha to stop, expressing her pride in Shakti but questioning her daughter’s honesty. On the other hand, Chacha has complete trust in Shakti and even offers her blessings. Manorama asserts that Shakti is also her daughter, and she has played a significant role in raising her. She fears being held responsible for any wrongdoings on Shakti’s part. Despite considering Shakti as her daughter, Manorama is taken aback by Chacha’s interference in their relationship. However, Chacha remains steadfast in his belief that Shakti can do no wrong, while Manorama maintains that she is indeed at fault. All those present observe the exchange between the two adults.

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