Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th January 2024 Written Episode: Angad Confronts Garry’s Intentions!


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Garry is told that Angad must have thought it was wasteful to watch Brar’s wealth as they rebuilt it with their hard work, so he had to break Brar’s relationships to break them completely. He says he’s sorry and asks him to forgive Sahiba so that their relationship will not be ruined. Angad says he’d forgive her if she’d done something else, but he can’t forgive her for supporting him.

As Garry continues to beg, he slips on a cliff. Without hesitation, Angad reaches out and offers his hand. However, Garry quickly insists that Angad let go and seek revenge. The memory of the bulldozer destroying Brar Mansion’s compound wall floods Angad’s mind. But still, Garry persists in asking him to leave his hand and seek revenge. Eventually, with Angad’s help, Garry is pulled up to safety. Feeling grateful, Garry reminds Angad that he has shown he still cares for him. Yet Angad denies this and sternly warns Garry not to attempt to speak to him again before driving off in his car. As they part ways, Garry reflects on how Angad saved his life and believes it is proof that his older brother still cares for him.

To lessen Angad’s anger, Simran gives his teddy to Sahiba. Sahiba reminds her that Angad gave it to her. She says she named it Bholu Singh Brar. Whenever she becomes angry, she acts like Angad. When she looks at Bholu, she smiles. Sahiba should give him this teddy to ease his frustration. Elders’ lives should be sweet and simple, like kids’, where things are sorted out with candy and toys.

Inder tries to stop Manveer from talking to Akaal as he walks towards his room. He enters Akaal’s room. Akaal asks what happened. Manveer says Garry has captured their lawn because of Sahiba. Akaal asks her not to mention Garry. With things normalizing now, Garry is a significant threat to them; guests and investors will flow in, and Garry’s stay will have a negative impact.

When Akaal asks what a solution is, Inder says they should think about Jasleen, who is ill and cannot tolerate being separated from her son. They should get rid of Garry from their home. Garry is a big threat to Angad. Angad risked his life to save the family and house, and he doesn’t want Garry to stay here, so they’ll respect Angad’s wishes. Japjot asks Akaal to make a decision that considers Jasleen’s condition.

When Akaal passes Simran’s room, he stops to hear her and Sahiba talking. Sahiba says Garry made big mistakes, so everyone is angry with him. Simran asks why Garry has no room like hers, why everyone hates him, and why he stays out of the house. While Simran is at the orphanage, people’s comments never bother her; Garry would continue to make mistakes if his family weren’t with him.

When she was with her mother and now with her father, she wanted to study well and get good grades so her father would smile. When her mother lived, everyone hated her, but when she died, all her friends praised her. She wanted to scold them for being harmful to her mother, but then she kept quiet, seeing how much they cried for her. Will everyone only love Garry after he leaves them forever? Sahiba’s words impact Akaal’s decision. Sahiba hugs and comforts her.

She asks Veer why he stands silent outside the house. Veer says Yash ruined his mind and career, made big announcements, and humiliated him. She wants the whole world to listen to Veer’s song because of Yash. She asks Veer to release the song somewhere. Veer says he wants a proper launch; his dream has shattered now. Keerat says he is a rising star who will achieve his destiny soon.

Veer attempts to remove his son’s presence, but Seerat intervenes and urges him to listen to the song as if he were a random listener. O Kudi Mere Khwab plays, causing Sahiba to cry as she remembers Angad’s previous anger towards her. Meanwhile, Angad recalls Sahiba’s support for Veer. Despite his feelings, Veer asks her to stop the song because it reminds him of how he asked for her hand from her father and now feels inadequate in fulfilling his promises. Unbeknownst to Veer, Seerat uploads the song somewhere and makes sure he doesn’t find out, or else he’ll delete it. Meanwhile, Sahiba persistently calls Angad, but he continues to reject her calls.


He asks groom Veer if he’s ready to marry Keerat. Veer says Angad and Sahiba inspire him to marry Keerat. As they get late for the paat, Angad asks Keerat to hurry and is shocked to see Keerat already married to Garry. Sahiba appears behind Garry. The Brars are shocked at the sight. Angad asks Sahiba if she knew about it.

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