Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th June 2023 Written Update


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In this episode, Seerat becomes disheartened when she experiences Garry’s disrespectful behaviour towards her and the family’s excessive attention towards Sahiba. Angad notices Seerat crying and offers her water, asking why she is upset. Seerat expresses her feelings of unluckiness compared to Sahiba, as Garry left her alone. Angad assures her that he is there for her and promises to speak to Garry about not leaving her alone during family functions. He reminds Seerat that the entire family is there to support her. Seerat feels fortunate to have Angad caring for her. They decide to join the party together, leaving the area. Jasleen notices their interaction and realizes that not only Seerat but even Angad pays attention to her.

A VIP guest named Menaka, known for her arrogance, arrives at the party and instructs her assistant to keep people away from her and prevent anyone from taking selfies with her. However, the guests manage to take selfies with her. Menaka approaches Akaal and asks about his well-being. Sahiba is thrilled to see the renowned artist Menaka attending the function and expresses her admiration for her. Sahiba mentions being a big fan of Menaka and reveals her habit of reading articles about her to understand how she became such a successful artist. Angad notices Sahiba’s excitement and compares it to that of a child. Sahiba attributes her current lack of cheerfulness to her marriage with Angad. Angad playfully promises to show her the benefits of being his wife. He introduces Sahiba to Menaka as his wife. Sahiba excuses herself briefly to fetch her paintings.

Menaka informs Angad that she will leave soon as she has an exhibition, and the proceeds will go to charity for the underprivileged. Sahiba returns with her paintings and seeks Menaka’s feedback. Menaka dismisses the paintings, stating they are just okay. Angad tries to console Sahiba, but Menaka interrupts and criticizes Sahiba’s artistic skills. Menaka harshly humiliates Sahiba, calling her a failed wannabe artist who coloured a piece of paper and mistook it for a painting. Sahiba, feeling disheartened, takes her paintings and walks away. Akaal comments on not allowing the women in his family to work outside the house. Jasleen remarks that reality can be hurtful. Menaka continues chatting and laughing with Jasleen.

Sahiba returns to her room and discards her paintings. Menaka enters and humiliates Sahiba once again, pointing out her lack of formal training or experience working with famous artists. Menaka implies that Sahiba considers herself a great artist without deserving any praise, hoping to boast about her work. Sahiba confesses her desire to join a renowned art school and improve her skills, but family circumstances prevented her from doing so. Menaka advises Sahiba to focus on creating her own identity rather than living a comfortable life in the Brar family’s shelter.

Later, in the evening, Angad tries to cheer Sahiba up by bringing sweets and showing her pictures from the party. Sahiba notices that Inder’s smile is missing from the photos and insists on discussing why her father-in-law keeps his distance from the family. Angad tries to divert the conversation, but Sahiba persists. Angad reveals that Inder, his father, was a state-level hockey player but was forced by Akaal to join the family business, abandoning his dream. Sahiba shares her opinion that Inder could have made Akaal proud with his hockey career as well. Angad prefers not to dwell on the topic, and Sahiba asks if Manveer supported Inder during that time.

In the precap, Sahiba informs the Brar family that she wants to enrol in a fine arts college and pursue her dream. Manveer opposes her decision and tears Sahiba’s certificates. Angad returns home and questions the situation. Jasleen informs him that Sahiba wants to pursue her graduation in fine arts. Angad supports Sahiba’s decision and signs her admission form.


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